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  1. Ava Urey

    Cancers, where you at?

  2. Pauline's Delicious

    I'm cancer And it's so true
    Like 👍if you agree 😊

  3. Liquid Cane Carthen

    Born 713 🦀 and this is deep

  4. Lorna Fraser Waterworth

    ❤️ so true ❤️💕❤️

  5. Donna Heard

    I want to add I speak only for myself here not past relationships 😜😁

  6. Donna Heard

    🤣🤣🤣..self praise hey 😜

  7. Donna Heard

    1 word….." Amazing" 😁🤣♥️

  8. Ty RoLo

    Where My ♋️Cancers🦀At?!?!?!?!?

  9. adorable almost

    Cancer ? like me you are unique and you are needed by anyone

  10. Hakeem Hassan

    I think i'm in love with a cancer lady whilst i'm a cancer guy myself, we know we have deep love for ourselves but we never get to live it out and i put up the excuse of maybe distance is the reason for the uphill between us. Kindly tell, am i wrond to hold on to nurturing love for her…

  11. Christopher Davis

    My ex was a cancer and I was the one doing doing everything and All I got was insults

  12. YOoXoOY Gaming

    I am born in Jan 1 but this is how I am, does this make me a cancer?

  13. dan020350


  14. Jai Simha

    I am a sagittarian, my partner is a cancerian, she cheated me

  15. charlie jenkins


  16. Adrian Smith

    Scorpio here.. 8 months and going strong with my Cancer princess. She's flawless, just moody and cynical but after soothing her she returns to normal. It's scary because what she whines about are simple stuff.. I wouldn't like to see her go through trauma, so i'll protect her and her heart. As a Scorpio I have to rate Cancers as the best women with Gemini being at the bottom of the list. Otherwise guys if you're especially a Taurus or Scorpio grab yourself a Cancer woman. You'll never regret it!

  17. cookieworld girl

    It's good to hear stuff about me and my zodiac sign

  18. Tania Te Moananui

    As a cancer 😁, while I am moody, I do not believe that the moodiness is all ours! Because I am an empath, other peoples feelings I feel immensely! I am aware now what is my authentic feeling and what is other peoples feelings! I have a Gemini moon and have learnt to get over crap quite quickly 😁… I Am who I Am and I love who I Am… Arohanui 💖🥰😍😘

  19. Khinshodova

    Not all cancers are the same. I'm a Cancer♋ but I'm also a Snake🐍.
    Comment down below your western and Chinese Zodiac sign.

  20. Sana Fatma

    🦀🦀 very soft one never hurt people

  21. Kathleen Currie

    Yeah we do

  22. Bella B

    Personally I don't think cancers get 'crabby' for no reason. I know that whenever I get 'crabby' its because I suppress my emotions to just keep the peace, even though I can read a person pretty well (like a book) and know what they're up to (causing trouble), and thus predict a person is going to cause said trouble.

    I always hear this 'cancers get moody for no reason' sorta thing and yet I honestly don't believe that's true. We're very good judges of characters and can normally figure a person out better than anyone (and thus know their true intentions). People can be downright insensitive and rude without knowing it (or caring much about that their words might damage or annoy another) and it can be quite annoying and hard to take, so sometimes we (or perhaps only i) can come across as crabby all of a sudden, when really we're just suppressing our needs to tell someone to stfu or something.

  23. Debanjan Mandal

    Can anyone tell me..if two cancer are in relationship how they will go???🙄🙄

  24. Lovely Sunshinee

    Wow this was actually really illuminating lol

  25. A W

    3333 views 😍 I’m in love with a cancer man

  26. #Mel #Mel

    21st like

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