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  1. Mrs O

    I drink ginger lemon tea and really does help

  2. King Dont Ask Name

    Should add Small rock salt to it not common salt …Will definitely increase HCL

  3. Laurie Sloan

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  4. Kadaar KADAAR

    Thanks for great video lesson, though I take/chew fresh little ginger, early every morning. it helps me. Thanks. GGNutrietion

  5. Angie Mader

    Has anyone ever read/heard that the depletion of h. Pylori in the lower stomach is ultimately the cause of low stomach acid? H.pylori has long been known to be harmful if there is too much in the stomach, but apparently it's actually very beneficial bacteria that helps the body regulate stomach acid. Heard this information in one of Dr. John Bergman's (3 part) YouTube videos on digestion. If I heard him right he said prescription drugs, and antibiotics can deplete or kill off this beneficial bacteria and cause low stomach acid leading to leaky gut and a plethora of other heal issues/chronic diseases from not having the acid to break down food properly. I had a round of antibiotics a year ago and ever since I've been experiencing asthma symptoms at night when I lay down, and food intolerances after I eat certain foods (nuts, dairy, eggs especially, poultry, red meat, wheat). I believe this is caused from low stomach acid. Ever since I've been taking apple cider vinegar before meals and it's helped with the asthma and food intolerances. Will try this recipe in the video. I haven't had the typical acid reflux symptoms like heartburn or digestive issues so I ruled out low stomach acid before, but now I'm convinced that this is from low stomach acid. Been taking high dose probiotics and have tried raw dairy and fermented foods. Not helping much. If low to no h. Pylori is the reason for this, wondering if there is treatment for low stomach acid with this bacteria? Or maybe there should be? Just wondering if I'm on the right track.Thoughts would be appreciated 🙏

  6. Spencer Bauer

    This heartburn treatment “gοwοzο raka” (Google it) has helped me tremendously with many other digestive troubles I have had as well and all naturally without the use of traditional medications. If you are currently experiencing digestive ailments and chronic heartburn, you must try this treatment method as well.

  7. elly nope

    How's your thyroid?

  8. Perry Evans

    I have been struggling with painful symptoms of acid reflux which doctors found difficult to identify. I have used this heartburn treatment “gοwοzο raka” (Google it) with great hopes and it helped me in ways that I still cannot comprehend. I didn`t encounter any acid reflux symptoms anymore. It`s like I have never suffered with heartburn.

  9. Rock R. Lee

    Hi just wondering if lime can be used instead of lemon 🍋 and thanks.


    what was a half of teaspoon?

  11. B G

    will this build stomach acid up or just increase it momentarily

  12. Savhanna Georgopoulos

    hydrochloric acid

  13. Savhanna Georgopoulos

    betaine hc..i? no you got it wrong it's betaine hcL

  14. Venkata Teja

    it's very nice

  15. Will Orellana

    I thought people with acid reflux can't have lemon ? Is that true

  16. saharabara

    Great, informative video. I have a couple of questions though. I made this recipe a few weeks ago & noticed recently that the bottom of the jar of picked ginger was beginning to grow mold. How long i should this recipe last? (I made a larger batch). Also, would it be as effective if i just chewed fresh ginger before my meals?

  17. Rocky Gupta

    great video 🤗

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