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  1. Marivic Caliwag.Calica

    really I don't believe you impossible

  2. Alba Gonzalez

    Thank u I will try this mezcla in my face

  3. Seema Mishall


  4. irenea Bravo Vlog

    Ill try this

  5. Aimufua Kemi

    Thanks for the video very interesting, but where can I get baking soda and the optional oil.?tnks

  6. Papiringo

    any actual proof??

  7. twice x 9nce

    It does not matter if the mole is removed

  8. david david

    Doesn't the baking soda neutralize the acid of the vinegar? I'd skip that. And to make the potion more powerful, I'd also use a clove or two of crushed garlic.

  9. Mae mae M.

    Skin tags will be gone,so will your husband or boyfriend due to the smell!Lol

  10. Angolans are dogs

    Thank you Khichi Beauty 👌👍👏💋❤🙏

  11. Ritu X

    Did anyone tried pls suggest

  12. claybird

    I ain't drinkin' that! No way, that'll ruin your breath for a week, lol!

  13. Elena Voth

    Beautiful nails

  14. Miss T.E.A.

    Well presented. Thank you. I'll give this a try and let you know the outcome.

  15. Carmen Faulkner


  16. Julia Cabahug

    Thank you very much for sharing these

  17. Diana Alex


  18. Gary Z

    Would like to see before and after photos.

  19. Soosan Firoozi

    I've got moles under my eyes can i use it ?

  20. Zeledo Health

    thank madam :))

  21. Mary Williams

    Can you show some results …beginning to end?

  22. prismia

    I used only apple cider vinegar and it worked 🙂

  23. Igwe Promise


  24. Vidya Sherleyene

    Wen we apply dis on our neck or face…will the skin will change into black colour?

  25. Suman Chatterjee

    You are a specialist doctor of skin I don't know otherwise I will not trust your opinion

  26. ecila32004

    Hello! Is ok to apply this treatment on the face?

  27. Vina Stclair

    Can I use any tipe of onion

  28. Abdurahman Kadiri

    Last week I myself cut and removed 12 skin tags on me with a sharp scissors. Plaster it few hours. It is easiest method…

  29. Suri Izaka

    Thank you. How do I get rid of keloids?

  30. betty Alannnkjd

    I have too much and it's too small so l can't use bandage madam too tinny all over my body

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