Respiratory therapy: how to treat asthma attacks without an inhaler

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If the person with the asthma attack does not have an inhaler, it is important that they exhale the old air as slowly as possible. Find out why it stays so important… Click here!Miracle Moringa Supplement (view mobile)2019 - Updated - New Physical Product On CB! The Only Complete, Tested And Proven Superfood That Supports Overall Health.


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  1. 5dope

    I have mcuh better and direct tips IF you are having an asthma attack right now! This video will help you clear your air ways almost INSTANTLY without an inhaler! Very IMPORTANT video:

  2. Ela Something

    my asthma attacks are rising slightly as its really hard to breathe and i live with 4 dogs and …

  3. ALPHA Vixx

    I need more help my BF is having one and he’s alone… 😨😰😰

  4. Kyle Phelan

    Thanks this will be very useful as my friend whom has asthma never carries around her inhaler and smokes like a chimney.

  5. Esme J

    I went on a trip to Mexico for one week and I forgot my inhailer idk what to do cause being here always gives me asthma at night

  6. Savannah Valentina

    I have asthma but the doctor wouldn’t give me a puffer it’s very stupid they think it was anxiety but don’t call 911 it will make you panic. Just live through it even if it’s really bad just slow down your breathing and get a distraction but don’t run or move a lot. Some small exercises after calmed down should work but if you can’t even talk then call 911 and make sure to tell an adult no matter how bad. One tip press on between the upper lip and your nose and take a Centrum junior vitamin they help increase the iron levels which make more red blood cells. Red blood cells help increase hemoglobin which helps your breathing. If you pass out you clearly aren’t doing the right directions don’t blame it on me. You will be ok😘sorry for the long comment but if you need to talk to anyone my Snapchat is edenelisha7 also do not drink anything warm drink a cold glass of water but nothing warm!!!!!!!!!
    Trust me asthma makes a lot of mucus feel it or not it’s still there and usually warmness plugs up your nose when your sick with a lot of mucus so… yeah good luck😂❤️

  7. G0rnP0P Th

    Thank you SO much, Now I don't have to go down the path my mom did with tons of medications

  8. Richard Friedel

    I got rid of my asthma by pressing on the face between my nose and the upper lip. This relaxes the chest airways by acupressure (GV26) as a scientific effect (reflex loop). Then I trained to breathe in through the nose to get the same effct. Low and behold, the beastly asthma was gone.

  9. anima ki

    here's several tips for treating asthma at home
    Know Your Triggers.
    Use HEPA Filters.
    Follow Doctor's Orders.
    (I learned these and why they work on Laken Chest Remedy website )

  10. hate monday

    There are a few things for treating asthma naturally
    Kick Out the Mites.
    Use HEPA Filters.
    Clear the Smoke.
    (I read these and why they work on Laken Chest Remedy website )

  11. Kai01

    I had an asthma attack today and I freaked out. I ran around trying to find my rescue inhaler but I couldn't find it. I texted my mom and she told me to start hot a shower so it can expand my airways. Finally after like ten minutes my dad came with my rescue inhaler! I'd forgotten how scary it can be to have an asthma attack bc I haven't had one in 8 years and it was very terrifying

  12. Tyvin Thou

    I went to the 911 Because of heart attack and Asthma attack at the same time , and it almost caust heart failer

  13. Rick Rude

    Keep spare inhalers at home, work, school in the car at peoples home's you visit ect.  One inhaler is not enough. Always carry an inhaler if you have asthma. When one inhaler is getting close to empty, I carry a second full one with me. When I travel I always bring a second  or third inhaler, in case I lose one. 


    I have had Asthma attacks before and can be scary. 911 doesn't always need to be called part of an asthma attack is anxiety so you have to learn how to over come that the more you think about it the worse it'll be and try to take your mind off of it by listening to calm soft music

  15. J one O

    Im alone and cant call 911 so is there a possibility it will just go away?

  16. kxradio

    I'm not sure that's correct. The first thing I was taught was to drink water. If your breathing is so bad that you can't even sip liquids, you either need to (1) calm down, slow your breathing, and stop panicking, or (2) go directly to the emergency room.


    i had asthma when i was young it has been gone for 5 years now and today after my 10km run i had a random asthma attack :S

  18. Blacksquareable

    Yes, slowing down the breathing definitely helps. Making sure they rest and stop talking. I personally find a cough sweet works better than any inhaler and I have severe asthma. The mention of caffiene is also really helpful too especially in a hot drink. I find a bit of sugar in the drink helps too.


    jesus fucking christ i cant breathe -_- im at my friends house and my inhaler ran out and well you know had a random asthma attack and sitting on his floor and 630 in the morning

  20. lichking25250808

    I have asthma too, just had one attack, that's how I ended up here.

    Pills vs inhaler? Which one has the worst side effects?

    Do any of you guys experienced this before, that during an asthma, after the pills or hot drink, you will burp and you will immediately feel so much better. Why is this so?

  21. jsnzk

    @Drawingfreak48124 –>911 should be called. School nurses are limited by regulations in what they are allow to do in routine and emergency care. Basically if the asthma attack is severe no matter where you are, the best action is to call 911. The paramedics have the meds needed. Most doctors office CAN NOT handle handle respiratory distress or any other severe situations. Jim RN

  22. potato69

    I have asthma real bad but a drink can really help

  23. dynamyt4cobra PSN

    what if you are at school, you shouldn't call 911?

  24. Procommenter

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