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  1. Tangy Brandford

    I'm new subbie and also a lifetime member on WW. I was thinking of going back I had a baby and just gained but I'm happy I found ur channel. Going back this weekend. Thanks!!

  2. Theresa

    Let me remind you that WW is considered an extreme diet. I personally could not do it because I felt way too restricted and deprived and I just ended up flipping out. The only thing that helped me was using up all my points every day and on the days I had extreme cravings using those extra points that day – no matter how many they were and eating a ton of fucking bananas. I would make those banana pancake things and then take fruit and boil it down with maple extract and butter extract and pour that on top of the banana protein pancakes and I swear to God I would’ve lost my mind without that. You’re not gonna have bad cravings every single day. Being addicted to food is like being on a roller coaster. The days you really want the stuff just fucking eat it. Use up your points that day. Then after a day or two your cravings will go away and you can just stay within your daily limit by eating all the zero point foods like chicken breast and bananas and crap like that.

  3. Robin Elders

    Congratulations on getting back on track and the way that you have lost this week! Yes I love the style of video and would love weekly updates as I am getting back on track this week as well and trying to lose about 35 pounds that I have regained also.

  4. Helen Mhoni

    You can do it 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  5. flowersandoranges

    We'll start this together. I'm at the same starting weight.

  6. Stacey G

    Girl I'm doing this with you too!! Omg ..I just found Reeses whipped topping at a Grocery Outlet. Only 99cents.. I bought all 7 cans on the shelf. 🤣🤣 I hope you find it too. 💗

  7. Nancy

    I'm there , just started last week

  8. LaTasha Harvey

    I've only seen a couple of your vids thus far, but I just wanna say how proud of you I am. I'm proud of your dedication to losing weight. I'm proud of you acknowledging that you fell off. And I'm damn proud that you're getting back up and going again. If this is important to you, I know you'll do well again. Good luck to you ladybug. I can't wait to see you succeed.

  9. Leanadia Glinton

    I feel u I weight 263 my problem is I stress eat n I cant stop cause am always stressed smt

  10. Kadian Blake

    I the vloging could you also do weekly weigh in?

  11. Amanda Harris

    The grind don't stop. You are so motivating and enjoying watching your videos.

  12. MiyaGeorginaJoi

    You can do this!!! I want to do it with you. Baby steps lead to success.

    Love, another cute brown girl with curly hair and glasses 💖😘

  13. maria ramirez

    food IS an addiction I am 30 lbs down since Nov 12th and This past week I've got sick and start a new job at a brand new restaurant , after being a stay at home mom for over a year, my anxiety and stress and need to comfort my self with food the past few days has drove me up the walls. It's all I can think about, I've been doing so good and today I broke. It feels defeating, and once you feel defeated it's easy to crumble, but I will not allow my self to this time!

  14. christina Ramirez

    Hi I'm new to your channel and girl I'm in the same boat but we can do it lets do it together and keep pushing I know how hard it can be I'm with you and I support you may you have a wonderful and blessed day hugs and kisses😘 God Bless

  15. JayMotion

    I can definitely u dersrand the convenience thing, look into a George Forman grill and a air fryer! makes the cooking process a lot faster and food is much healthier and also very tasty. I am currently down 78lbs

  16. Tee Jack

    Weight Watchers is not sustainable…ask Oprah. Try Keto and IF. I lost over 60 lbs in 4 months. I feel great and energized. My family and friends are now trying the keto lifestyle. Thanks to Dr. Berg!

  17. The Elder Millennial

    I don’t do WW but I enjoyed watching your journey and you’ve done it once you CAN do this again! Like the positivity!!!

  18. nesha tanner

    Keep up the good work, it's a struggle i know… I'm a emotional eater myself

  19. Emmie Adams

    Hell yeah!! I just started mine! And it's not easy but support helps so much!!! Keep it up! I just subscribed

  20. Love the TRUTH

    Rebuke the FOOOOOOOOOOD DEMON…….

  21. Kiara Tavares

    This is soo amazing!! I’m in my weight loss journey too. You got this girl!!

  22. ThatSoMimi

    I’ve gained 40 lbs in 4-5 months too. It sucks sooo bad but that’s life! Take everything day by day. Meal by meal. We got this!!! 💕

  23. De Loto

    Subscribed. I'm starting over too. I gained 6 lbs from Christmas to now, I gained and lost 5 lbs around Thanksgiving. I feel pretty bad about it because I keep losing control of my eating and I'm early into my weight loss journey at a point where I should be the most dedicated. I'm down 21 lbs but it could have been at least 10 lbs more. I'm going to try to be mindful of making the best decisions for myself on a daily basis.

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