Restaurant and food allergies – a problem?

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I have been allergic to dairy products for many years. Therefore, when I visit the restaurant, I always politely ask for "no cheese or sour cream." Next you know that I got a main dish with cream sauce. Most food servers don't even know that this contains dairy products!

Since the menu does not clearly state the meaning of the allergen ingredients in the main dish, if I am not sure, I will ask the food server if there is a certain kind of dish containing dairy products. Sometimes I will ask if it contains other things that I am allergic to. They will automatically look at you like you are the most discerning person on the planet! Then I have to explain that I am allergic to dairy products and certain other ingredients. They will get a look of attention and tell me they will talk to the chef to find out what I am questioning in the main course.

They usually go back to the table and explain that the chef doesn't know what is contained in certain sauces or ingredients because they are pre-packaged or bottled and delivered to them. So I sometimes seize the opportunity and order the main dish to think it doesn't matter. Even though I like to make it with mayonnaise, even the chutney used for fish is made with sour cream, I have to stop eating it after I try.

Once I booked dinner, I was allergic to it, I immediately began to react, let them take it, and then I ate the bread brought by the meal. I am very happy when they cancel the order from my order, but if they know more about these ingredients, they can avoid it first.

I am very grateful to all the types of products that are now mandatory for allergen ingredients listed in the grocery store! In particular, when the label clearly states that the product contains milk, it is not necessary to read the long list of ingredients that normally list milk as "whey" or "casein." When you are particularly allergic to dairy products, it is always wise to understand the different terms of dairy products, as not all products are clearly written on food labels. Some products say "no dairy" on the front label, but the ingredient label lists casein, so the label needs to be thoroughly examined.

Although we have allergen information on our food labels, I thought of an idea [well… I have been thinking about it for a long time!] Why the restaurant does not need to explicitly list allergen ingredients in the main course description Next to the menu? Are we allergic to patients asking too much?

I think if I don't have food allergies, I don't really care about restaurants. However, if a person does experience an immediate food allergic reaction or some "coming soon" reaction, they really want this information on all restaurant menus.

If I don't bother with the food server and have dinner, I don't have to worry, whether it is, I will faint, have difficulty breathing or worse, it's great!

Food allergies are becoming more common every day. I got this valuable information on all the restaurant menus! When will this happen? Soon, I hope.

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