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  1. Eltoria

    Hope you guys enjoyed tonight's video! Please make sure you SUBSCRIBE and turn on the notifications to enter my £370 Glossybox advent calendar competition!! ALSOOO new video tomorrow ar 6pm, the Disney sock advent calendar! xxx

  2. HoneyTV X

    For those who don’t care about the spon : 3:02

  3. C.ArchiGirl

    Wow this years is so much better than last years. If all of the 6 or so highlighters I’ve only used one, and not very often anyway, haven’t touched the bronzers yet either and have already decluttered 4 of the lipsticks. So much more versatility in this years

  4. cinzia iacovacci

    I want this!!! <3.<3

  5. steffi jorra

    Like that one. Maybe for my daughter

  6. Slime Squishy


  7. USE Xo

    Cheesiest you tuber alive

  8. Ashley Houchin

    Hi my name is Ashley I love your channel I would love to be in your giveaway for an advent calendar my address is 11306 castolon Drive Dallas Texas 75228 your channels very awesome and I love it very much

  9. Denise Soler

    I love this advent calendar
    Totally want this😀💖

  10. kayla farrell

    These videos just make me so happy !!!❤️❤️❤️

  11. Elliott Alexander

    You'd think this bish would have learnt to stay away from the one thing that ended her youtube career !

  12. Pernille Warren

    What a super great advent calender

  13. Mary Phelan

    these videos make me excited for christmas hehe

  14. sherrie bubs

    Wish i had Insta so I can follow you to put myself in the draw to win the advent calender.
    I adore when you do these.

  15. NatalieKHK

    It’s happening! The calendars have begun 😍😍

  16. Hollie Elise

    Got this the year before and skipped last years as it was too similar to the year before but i think I’ll get this year as it’s got a few different things😀

  17. Salma Belcourt

    Why would they give concealer lollll

  18. Steffi290194

    Such an improvement to last years calendar! Absolutely love the variety and the colours are perfect for Christmas and just in general. Made me very happy 😍

  19. Shannon Tooke

    Nothing builds me up for Christmas like the eltoria advent Calendar series! It’s gotta be my fave series ever

  20. Steph Turner

    I really loved this advent much better than last year x

  21. I love makeup


  22. Angel.K *

    No nail products or toe separator. That's a result 😍

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