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  1. dolphins4life roblox


  2. X Veerle X

    Zwitsal is het beste ooit

  3. YamiNoGame

    40 shades and not one of them suits my fair olive toned face. Story of my life

  4. Maggie Flips

    Whose watching in 2019!!

  5. Celina T.

    This Foundation has a medium coverage??!! In Germany / For Germans it's definitely full coverage!!!😂

  6. Or Habib

    T pas très belle mais tu te maquilles bien

  7. Nicholei

    Rihanna's full name is Robyn Fenty.
    That's a snazzy good name, Queen Riri.

  8. Andrea S.

    Much better before make up!!

  9. Abubakar Jutt

    Plz nikkie talk about nars and boobi brown foundation plzzzzz i want buy them plz tell me best foundation my skin is normal to dry plzzzzz reply me

  10. Ulkavyn

    9:11 I CANT oH my GOD

  11. بسمك يا الله سبحانك ربي

    ممكن ترجمه بل عربي

  12. I love Mike Wazowski

    Girl love you but this is fenty but still love you and you inspire me ❤❤

  13. Stan Talent Stan Mamamoo

    Why do you put foundation on your lips?

  14. Jazzy Jaz

    Nikki : ew

  15. Keri Thompson

    Am I the only one that didn't know that Niki didn't like in America

  16. peytato55 Stein

    u don't need makeup ur beautiful for the way u are I know this is a makeup channel but makeup is just not right I think the true beauty is ur personality not a pretty face

  17. Freya Gill-Vernon

    Cześć jak się masz

  18. Madison Carter

    Love your background xx

  19. Marta Marta

    Tragedia. Po co tej tapety, tyle, to jest jak maska.

  20. mira

    I just bought the killawatt highlighter and it’s amazing

  21. gorjana a


  22. Havyn Snyder

    OMG your background 🥰 literally my obsession

  23. Luna Lovegood


    Just me, okay.

  24. Nagda Suoa

    Where is „hey guys its me Nikkie”?? 😮

  25. Sharon Kour

    Nikki ur so pretty u hv skin to die for. I just luv ur skin in a brown girl n i wish i had ur skin omg i would luv to do your make up ur blessed ur canvas is the art. Colours lift on ur skin in jeliouse ur so cute too tc n be always a good human ur personality is wat i like never change. Tc oh can you do a fenty foundation in 300 shade review maybe with a dark skin person as i was tested on my skin with this but I look quite tanned n i dont like being tan. You look gorgeous the highlighter look nice on ur eyes x hv fun

  26. Kaley Hong


  27. mundo kiki

    U are so beautiful 😘

  28. Jimin you got no jams

    Ok but can we talk about how cute Nikki’s nose is..?

    No just me ok

  29. Connie Wincotty

    the way she said it 8:56 lol

  30. Julie Ann Escobido

    So long intro 😔

  31. Rebecca Norman

    2:56 just listen.

  32. Nagma Shaikh

    Nikkie looks good with imitations.

  33. Isabella Bedard

    Casper the friendly ghost LOL luv u Nikkie

  34. Sumaiya Khatun


  35. Michaella Gordon

    Quickly did a eye look bihhh that’ll take me a hole day 😭😭😭😭

  36. Jossi B

    I'm just mad she was saying Rihanna's name like that lol…

  37. Rodeo Pro

    She’s got dinosaur tattoos on her wrist. 😱👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  38. Arianna Gardner

    Does anyone know what lip GLOSS she used

  39. suhani rs kapoor

    Come India😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍

  40. Joanne Kim

    To be honest, watching your videos for the first time, not sure if I can get into your reviews. I thought the foundation and matte sticks look perfectly fine.

  41. Barb

    Too much foundation. Sorry. Pretty eyes though.

  42. Oceane Pitel

    What is the color of contour stick ?

  43. Trip13 A

    2019 anyone??

  44. alessia perez

    who is watching in 2019

  45. Karis__xx

    9:47 those tattoos are so cute!

  46. Sophia Marie

    You are so pretty

  47. Casey Cronk

    😂 so funny when you were blending the contour lol 😂

  48. Patrice Fears

    Yo. Why u put the foundation on ur lips😐

  49. Michelle

    It’s true what nicki said lots of white bitches complaining that they can’t use trophy wife and it’s like nigga please let us WOC have our moment

  50. Esme pro

    Nikkie Turtorial is quinn😘😇👸

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