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  1. Princesses fofo_12

    Her eye look at 10:41 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Bri

    I like how she seemed to not like the product and amount it had and then in the end she was like

    Yeah…id buy it again

  3. First name Last name

    what colour foundation do you normally wear? i use bobbi brown stick foundation in sand. should i get 220? or darker shade? i normally wear #23 cuz i prefer the natural look

  4. Abhisek Maharana


  5. melike

    keşke videolarında türkçe altyazıda kullansan ❤️

  6. Mohuà Hossain

    Can we take a second and appreciate Tina's sacrifice that she bought makeup worth more than $300 just to test it for youtube…😇

  7. Sabrina H

    Kindly make a video on fenty beauty lipsticks

  8. Suhana Sinha

    I really love how unhyped she was about the products and gave a genuine opinion and reaction to the products. Love her!! Now she is my new make up guru!!

  9. Official's angelina


  10. kpop fan

    Tina you are the best youtuber

  11. Salambo Nassif

    Fenty stix are thick kkw are.. anyway

  12. ejwennerstrom

    The matchstix were so genius I love them so much

  13. grace whicherxo

    Is u buy it single you get more

  14. Merlyne Hanson

    The foundation Kinda oxide tho

  15. Anlei Bunnies

    I so love your hair color ❣️

  16. Ashlee xoxo

    Tina you can get hustle baby by it self in the baby bom set but you also get a lipgloss and it’s also Pretty small

  17. Yashu Pati

    Tina can you show your makeup collection

  18. Emi Blue

    Tina , can i ask what brand of you ear rings that you wearing

  19. Keresha Rock

    The match sticks are thick and contain more product than the kkw beauty sticks

  20. Anil Badekar

    Try the fantasy mask it's so cute

  21. Katelynn Lee

    I like highlight match stick, but $25 is too pricey. Lol

  22. Alice Elley

    I’ve seen all the adverts and promos for Fenty on Insta and nothing really struck me as go out now to sephora and buy. Thanks for your honest review!

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