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  1. Arina Thomsen

    I see why almost 200 brainwashed by American medicine people disliked this video.

  2. jules kadul

    Great video. Personally I'm not really open to these things but I like that you show every aspect of your preparation and the honesty!!! Great stuff. Keep it up and I hope you will continue to do well!

  3. Chris Rands

    I’m not against traditional medicine, but it needs to be evidence-based and ethically sourced, like any other medicine. Unfortunately, I think the video is overly simplistic and uncritical

  4. Rolando Furioso

    TCM…..Tiger Penis&Co
    More cool and trendy than traditional prayers in church, same effect….

  5. Potato Phone Peace

    Acupuncture is amazing on worked muscles! Feels like great tension gets released when they pull out the needle

  6. Isaacsmile

    Avoid those frikkin elephant bone medication and shit. All useless and o my cause suffering.

    Not worth promoting these medicines imo

  7. Eli Lowham

    Using treatment that is not evidence based? Hope you are doing more than just that…

  8. Scarvex

    Hey Adam! Consider looking into Wim Hof Method if you're interested in quick recovery. And voodoo flossing for joint rehab is also really useful 😉

  9. pmdu

    Now I am really curious which skills he applies from Civil Engineering.

  10. Simonus Pascalidae

    Taking advantage of your notoriety to promote fake medicine is really irresponsible.

  11. pmdu

    Now I am really curious which skills he applies form Civil Engineering.

  12. lankatr

    Blink twice if you're ok

  13. Ben[schatti]

    If it works it ain't stupid

  14. Sarah K

    I never understand why people immediately discredit traditional asian treatment. western medicine, yes, is what aligns with modern science, but it isn't the only form of study that has helped humans through history. asian medicine also requires extensive studying, training, and has thousands of years of history in practice. it might not target illness in the biochemical sense that western medicine does, as it is a more long-term benefit coming from ingesting certain herbs, physiotherapy etc. don't discredit it because the process is different from western medicine. especially not when generations have benefited health-wise. they both work in their own ways.

  15. Blut & Schweiss by LaDy-JeN

    TCM works for me too. I had bad migraine every two days and TCM reduced it to every other month and that was more then 3 years ago.

  16. wout lombaert

    Al those people going nuts haha ! Already a good reason to do the video you must confuse the body to keep it from decaying haha ! Anyway I love what your doing adam always waiting for the next monday!

  17. Laci Divkovic

    Placebo is the best medicine

  18. Alsamo Shelan

    There are fake news everywhere. I think it is a mistake for a person as famous as you to share a "method" that never proved its efficiency (in addition, it's not because you have the feeling it works for you that it was caused by this method, the contextual effects are incredibly powerful). I do not share the point of view of this guy : the prevention actually exists in medicine. Acupuncture (for example) is NOT an alternative medicine : if it was, it would mean that it has the same efficiency (proved) as medicine : it's not the case. For this time, I choose to dislike this video. You have absolutely the right to use these methods, great for you if you feel better using them, but it's a mistake to share them and pretend that these are alternatives : they are not.

  19. Daniel Criqui

    Yeah, i don't get why are all these people so negative, i'm pretty sure none of them ever tryed it. It's like people criticizing homeopathy, while it does has some effects to an extent. I'm very happy to see that you wanted to give an insight on it even tho people were already criticizing it when you introduced it after your injury. If it works for you, then it is a good treatment.

  20. Petr Flosman

    Sorry but thats a load of bullsh#t. But if it makes you feel better who cares…

  21. DAILY PERCEPTIONS - Simon Scholes Vlogs

    I use to get acupuncture for injuries all the time when I was a track and field athlete. I'm a huge advocate for prevention is better than cure, so anything to help that is important.

  22. M Hughes

    I'm really surprised Adam falls for this shit. Traditial Chinese medicine, the very medicine for single handedly taking some of the most magnificent species of animal to the brink of extinction because they are unable to get an erection. I'm very disappointed Adam would entertain anything at all that brings eyes in a positive manner towards chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is the most destructive and disrespectful idea on this planet, try sell me something else.

  23. no mo

    he probably feels better from the massaging. everything else seems like bs

  24. M P

    even if it’s the placebo effect, it still works for him and he’s arguably one of the best climbers in the world soooo

  25. Cookie monster

    id expect this sorta method from Chris Sharma not Ondra

  26. thorndeux

    Nice video. But you really need to improve the quality of the subtitles – get a native speaker to do the translation at least 🙂

  27. Ali McMellon

    What do you call alternative medicine that has been proven to work? A: Medicine

  28. Heinrich Bestbier

    Not liking the support for traditional Chinese medicine, this industry is the biggest consumer and driving force behind illegal wildlife trafficking and exploitation. Yes the facets Adam uses don't seem to make use of these parts , but the fact that endangered and rare animals and plants being the lifeblood of of the traditional Chinese medicine industry is irrefutable and very harmful.

  29. Pavel Bělík

    He himself admits it could be placebo, but if it's working for him, why not. And the therapist seemed to be really openminded to both traditional and chinese medicin and the best possible combination. So I wouldn't be as critical as many here in the comments.

  30. Gabriele Bonetti

    Stick to science as you do for your training.

  31. thevidguy11

    I hope silence gets down graded lol

  32. Sean Miller

    meme potential is strong

  33. M MzK

    If something works it works. Who cares if there is no scientific prove/ it's just the placibo effect (as Adam says)?
    Maybe it is just the quasi-meditational state one can achieve during such sessions, maybe more than that.

    Wouldn't be too surprised if we see a rehabilitation of Acupuncture in Western Medicin in the future.
    The traditional framework with its speculative concepts might be recast in terms of the nervous system.
    After all, we still know very little.

    Excited for a Training-Episode!!!

  34. Zach Halzel

    those one arm pull-ups look crazy…

  35. Bertrand Rome

    I think this is great. They do it consciously so no need to worry about poisons or whatever, after that all that matters is results. Adam likes it, it helps him recover and it energises him, be it from Qi or meditation or placebo; there are many things western medicine gets wrong and many more it does not know so if you have a winning formula no need to stop it because it has not been proved.

  36. G Pap

    Yeah right. Give us a break…

  37. Gao Tang

    Adam, those physical treatment seems fine. But please don't use trad Chinese medicine herbs. Many if not all contain toxic component or from endangered species.

  38. Matthew Petrinitz

    It's sad to see all of this quackery in such a mainstream lense

  39. 3DSowner22

    Ah yes… Bullshit. Kbye

  40. Shane Lewis

    Oh no this is going to stir up some controversy

  41. FR TZ

    Not really convinced on this topic but i´m happy to see that you blurred the dudes shirt. Nice to see that you listen to your viewers 🙂

  42. RAD Lab

    Actually an Italian filmmaker has been diagnosed a cancer thanks to Chinese medicine. He had itching for months and no medic could understand the problem, so he ended up asking to Chinese medicine and they suggested him to take rx and then he discovered he had cancer. The story is very interesting and part of "Caro Diario", a great Italian film

  43. Izzy Longstaff

    Much Chinese medicine contains ingredients derived from rare and endangered animals like pangolins, tigers and seahorses that don't have any evidence to show they improve physical wellness. Our world is precious, make sure you know what these practices involve.

  44. The Omnipotent Sloth

    chinese medicine is coocoo bullshit

  45. メ乇しム尺٥ ㄈ

    This video was sponsored by: traditional Chinese medicine gang

  46. Sydney McBee

    my aunt studied chinese medicine! she gives me treatments all the time, this is so great to see it helps a fellow climber!

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