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  1. Beth Bryant

    3 Assholes At Dinner. Nothing New. Barry needs to go live in that home in Martha's vineyard with Michael & then the damn house can fall into the ocean

  2. Eugenie Walpole

    Go Rob!

  3. Anrcy TV

    Obama is looking at treason charges 😂

  4. Taylor S

    Clickbait….I was hoping to see Rob's transformation. Shitty siting … poor effort

  5. Isaiah Evans

    Good bye TMZ.

  6. Jon McKnight

    Obama is a gay cock sucker and so is his husband big mike 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. A1BELLS

    Who’s they voice over guy at 0:04?

  8. Juan mura

    I bet he tigth his stomach!!

  9. King Rocky

    Where’s the new black guy to replace Van, I came to laugh 😂

  10. Brandon Turner

    Fuck tmz. Let go of van. Time to not follow

  11. saf

    His voice annoying couldn't continue watching… relax plz!

  12. HG SC

    Video of van??

  13. DeNita DeLisser

    Dear Harvey and Victim Michael, your DNA results are in and you are 1000% Fuck Boys. Period. Van was the only chance you all had.

  14. Jennifer Garza

    When is the TMZ newsroom gonna update to a more green lifestyle in the office? They’re printing out pictures of Rita Ora’s nipples and passing it around the office? lol Save the trees! Pass him your phone or something! Harvey, it’s time to invest in iPads or something. Y’all make enough money! Everyone deserves their own iPads with network access or remote access. Screen sharing? Come on, y’all! Step ya game up! 🙄

  15. Priscilla Dixon

    They fired the black dude i will not be watching anymore

  16. CHAZE2B

    The only thing Rob lost, is his dignity

  17. #Conditioner

    But where’s the black TMZ guy???

  18. Erik

    @3:56 just a sad excuse of a woman who wishes she was pretty enough to be a gold digger herself. way to idolize scummy people doing scummy things guys…

  19. Aldo

    Rob looks same as always

  20. chaniecekinglife14

    Love Rob's personality & we know he's a handsome dude with a good heart
    Sooo happy for you,can't wait to see full results.

  21. kevin711497


  22. Dirtyturtle10 DT10

    Remember how you guys called Steve-O at 5am to confirm the death of Ryan Dunn? You guys are insensitive and disrespectful. You guys are leeches on the backs of celebrities because you know you don't have what it takes to become one yourself without stirring up trouble.

  23. LilStampBug

    Apparently slow news day.

  24. NorCal Rider

    Who cares… nobody.

  25. Mama Lama

    Love the extended clip and love the voice 🤣

  26. latieraqueen87 Pacheco

    Yall just now on his weight loss??? Could of taken some pictures and sent them to you

  27. Abraham Lincoln

    The only thing Osama was successful at was being a black president

  28. Rainey Days

    I don't think that was Rob K in that pic, Rob has a lot of ink on his arms and that dude had the one we could see.

  29. Ms. Angela

    The new TMZ guy reminds me of Chase Chrisley’s dumb friend, Elliot.

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