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  1. Dii Anitas

    Finally 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Vanessa

    I never noticed how round her face was

  3. Maria MariloO Le Freak

    She's sooo beautiful and cute

  4. Xx cmv

    My favvvv

  5. Belinda P.

    Love her

  6. Gigi Gwen

    Why is this so soothing to watch….

  7. Hifza Siddiq

    What lipstick shade did she use??

  8. Gracy Pagels

    Literally every vogue beauty video don’t forget the NECK! 😉

  9. Camila Moreno

    Thank you VOGUE for real talented and humble models. Her smile and dimples are all.

  10. Alessia Lodico

    Are her lips natural? Or does she use filler?

  11. cley cayanan

    So pretttyyy 🥰

  12. Mili Barberon


  13. kitty kitty

    Who else thinks her and harry styles would look cute together lol

  14. Valérie Ermengild

    She is the queen

  15. nolisa bacchus

    She is so beautiful

  16. Lucija Gazić

    imagine having that clear skin wooah

  17. adeline wurzer

    oh my god the way she pronounced jojoba 😂😂😂

  18. Unknown Unknown

    i swear if i had that skin i’ll forget my makeup skills

  19. Giannina Lilian

    She is my Leonarda Dicapria young version hahahahaa

  20. Priscilla intern

    Who even looks like this without makeup🙊🤷🤷🤷

  21. Giannina Lilian


  22. vicky sricky

    aww my fav

  23. Joe Rystrom

    Can you do a beauty video with Behati Prinsloo

  24. mikamergal


  25. Mily wilson

    she is so beautifulllllll!!!

  26. zia hadid

    If Taylor Swift had a daughter

  27. Sanchka P

    step 1 be a Romee

  28. Sadaf Ali

    If I had a face like that I wouldn’t wear any makeup ;-;

  29. Bianca Tavares


  30. Nash Nur

    I thought this was Gigi hadid

  31. ita safitri

    I see romee and i click

  32. Aylanur Cüce

    Omg she's so beautiful without make up on

  33. Asrin .n

    I’m not good with eyes makes a perfect eye makeup 🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. constanza acuña

    She is my favorite angel and youtuber💖💖💖

  35. seren__a_ liguori


  36. Mahya Saeed

    elsa hosk next!!!

  37. seniorita H

    That hair tho. 🤩

  38. Victorias Secret Angels

    I want to see to Taylor Hill & Sara Sampaio

  39. Victorias Secret Angels

    Vogue please I want to see to Taylor Hill & Sara Sampaio.

  40. elmundoparami

    I love her

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