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  1. Balkangirl balkangang

    Hi rosie!! Can you do a house tour? I would be very happy if you did a video of your house tour

  2. Grecia Carrasco

    Where do you buy that wash cloth?

  3. Ambertina Crisafulli

    I just came across this channel and I am hooked! Need to get all these products now, but they don't sell Belei on Amazon UK?

  4. Krissy Fagan

    I would like to know when belei products will come to UK


    Falling in love with your skincare & beauty regiments. Not forget your lovely accent. I am really fond of how you explain all the product you're using in your videos. Honest & straightforward. Please keep on doing them. And if you have the time, please share with the viewers if you have any favourite Korean brand products or maybe do a make up tutorial using their brands. Thank youuuu!!

  6. mendes Lol

    Love watching your videos Rosie, you're such a beautiful person inside and out… 😘 please keep making loads of these, skin, hair care, exercise, some healthily tips and meals, favourite tea etc 😊 fashion… anything really as it's a pleasure watching and learning all of the tips from you. Luv you loads xx

  7. 이나라

    My fav model all time

  8. Stacey Goodwin

    Oh and acids …they are important !! see this…instant hyaluronic acid is fine but will not help aging… its only good for plumping and moisturizing…see this

  9. Stacey Goodwin

    You are a beautiful girl…for sure…
    But I have to say I disagree with your face cream order…IMO you should be double cleansing with oil first then a wash thats PH balanced……..oil is not bad for oily skin, in fact, the reverse…plus it gets rid of all makeup much better than Bioderm micellar water…
    Then I do not think retinol is good for day time at all…and should not be in a day cream…
    you need to use a Vit C serum during the day, and retinol at night…a proper one that actually works… in my opinion LOL sorry but I think most estheticians would agree….
    Retin A should only be used before bed and not be exposed to sunlight…also a strong SPF should always be used during daylight hours…proven fact! but I am sure you are aware of that fact…

  10. Army

    Haha geil bin die einzige deutsche !😂😂😂 leuft bei mir

  11. Erica Rios

    Rosie, I’m watching from Puerto Rico. I’ve been following your pages for a couple of years. You’re inspiring. I love how you have taken on life and established priorities and do things you love. Thank you for explaining always your products. Always sending good vibes

  12. Shayma Bella

    Her reactions was so cuuuuute😭😭😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Venetra Roberson

    Charcoal is a carcinogen to humans

  14. Michelle Dominguez

    I got so excited to see you use image cleanser. I use vital C and ageless image cleanser. I am obsessed with their new firming and probiotic masques.

  15. Southern Belle

    Thank you for all your videos. You are lovely.

  16. Stacey Lynn

    Thank you Rosie!! I love your videos and feel like you are such a good role model for women 😍💕

  17. Mari Iwa

    Jeezz, I kind of overlooked this video but found out you are such a great presenter knowing what you are talking about. It doesn't appear that you are following a script. Great work. xxx

  18. Em's

    I am just getting into facemasks. I have pale English rose skin and oily like you. So what would you recommend or your favorite face masks ? P.S. loving the bathroom series. x

  19. Mari Iwa

    Bioderma is a serious hero (or heroine) product to me. It is one of my favourite times of the day to remove my makeup with it. I feel my skin has been smoother since I started using it.

  20. christina north

    I adore this lady. For such an amazingly beautiful woman, she seems so down to earth. Also, have you ever tried Thayers witch hazel? It's alcohol free and smells like roses

  21. iraq name

    Wow love this all the best I like your channel . I didn't see any famous do videos , nice. Iam from Iraq

  22. TIffanyrose Angeles

    Those balls you keep in the freezer sound LIKE SALVATION TO ME I get face swelling & the cold relief may help
    ( for my migraines) Rosie! Love your soothing voice,I see that you'd have to sneak away from your son to do beauty-pampering.
    I love the beneficial ways masks make you feel
    I also have sensitive eyes ( very!!)
    Sensitive skin,too
    Rosie your lips are lovely,I always enjoy watching you apply the steps of skin care
    Or the fab makeup looks….the last one my fave when you were dressing to go out,eyes all sparkly
    You looked smashing!!
    OMG I love that French elixir too!
    It's smells so botanical !
    Never stop posting!
    Your making plenty of chicks happy
    ( of all ages) READ THE COMMENTS?
    We all LOVE ROSIE!!!!!

  23. Sabah Yaqoob

    I love this set up: the gorgeous robe hanging in the back, the stunning marble, the beautiful open glass door with the garden behind you, this entire channel/content/your IG is such a VIBE that I didn't even know I was missing in my life, my inspirational boards, and my content needs as a beauty (and fashion) lover. Thank you Rosie! After years of seeing you in VS, or M&S ads, it's so cool to see the woman behind it all, you're so elegant, fresh and chilled – so genuine and just what the beauty world needed xoxo

  24. MJ T

    Rosie, you should get the Dickinson’s Witch Hazel alcohol free formula!!

  25. Caroline Able

    It would be great if you could please do a video with products you use for your body (body wash, exfoliators, lotions, etc.). I feel like a lot of people focus so much on their face and forget to focus on what you're putting on the rest of your body as well.

  26. JAY JAY

    I absolutely love your videos!! would love to see some styling videos too!!! I adore your unique style 😉

  27. babyhols666

    does anyone know how long ur actually supposed to keep the cleanser on ur skin

  28. babyhols666

    that hairbrush was $105 UMM WHAT COULD POSSIBLY MAKE THAT BRUSH COST $105

  29. Russell Fernandez

    is it just me or even her laugh is still very classy? 💕

  30. P AMMT

    Love your necklaces❤️ Looks so good on you❣️❣️If possible Please share where they are from? 🙂

  31. elfi amado

    Thank you so so much for sharing all of this! Could you please share some tips or products that are good for dark and sun spots? 🙏🏻 and what sunscreen do you use?🙏🏻🙏🏻 Ma God Bless you and your family! ✨✨

  32. Paul james

    I love you

  33. rm MM

    are ur lips naturally this gorgeous?

  34. مشاعل

    Never stop this Rose ever I don’t know what I used to do before these videos of yours

  35. Emily Mackie

    I would like to know if you have any favorite foundations for a light coverage. Summer is coming up and I want something to just even out my skin. Not necessarily full coverage. 😊 Thick makeup tends to melt off my face in summer heat.

  36. Sara Wilkinson

    'Rosie' is a man…….yes, 'she' was born a boy

  37. Summer Read

    Really enjoying these videos! I'd love to hear more about which ingredients to avoid when it comes to skincare and why, but also maybe haircare too!

  38. Cierra Bernae

    please give us a bathroom tour

  39. Jason Morris

    Try Vichy Slow Age

  40. Geehan El

    LOL ur so adorable, its pronounced as THA-lates (phthalates)

  41. Giorgi Sokhadze

    i have one question where are you live . i know you are jason statham wife it is true?

  42. Polly's Shore

    I am still having a hard time with retinol. I’ve tried a couple non prescription products that have broken me out in a heavy rash of small bumps just under the skin. I can’t imagine what a prescription strength would do.

    That said, I’ve been using a rather pricey organic line on and off for 7, almost 8 years now. I was 36 when I started it and I’m 43 now. My skin has always loved their Vitamin A/natural retinol derivative products. I also get along with Mad Hippie’s A serum.

    I started using organic lines when my skin had a horrible freak out. I never had severe acne, but I do have incredibly sensitive skin, allergic reactions that cause breakouts, mild rosacea and my pores will clog easily with some products. When I hit 36 everything I had been using for years caused a horrific reaction and flare up. I didn’t wear makeup and used honey and emu oil for several months until it started to calm down. That’s when I discovered Eminence Organic. Too pricey to use 24/7 but there are some products I can’t part with. Most have Vit A.

    Always happy to see new suggestions that don’t break the bank. I would love to try the eye cream you suggested, cryo ball (I’m currently stocked up on H.A products that are reasonably priced) and wish I could easily get Bioderma in a U.S store. Ordering is fine but I’d love to be able to pop into a store and get it while running errands.

  43. Hel 1349

    2 minutes listening to you talking in your videos and i learn so much about beauty and beauty products i should actually take notes😍

  44. Marcipan8


  45. Elizabeth Cahill

    You’re just darling …💕

  46. ilona ritter

    NEVER stop making videos rosie! these are heaven!

  47. H LS

    What a beautiful robe/ kimono Rosie, do share where it’s from! Xxx

  48. ROA .Robinson

    The lactic acid 10% + hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary is fantastic for easily “congested”, lazy and acne prone skin. I love this product and the price point is so good!

  49. Erin Gallocher

    32! What! You are incredible!

  50. HRH

    Not available in the UK. Thanks, for the cocktease, Amazon/Rosie

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