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  1. Belle M

    My type of make up. Luved it

  2. helanie hisham

    She looks so royal

  3. Val 4

    Rosie you are such a humble person and mom and i love❤️following your beauty tricks🌺😘

  4. んな訳ねぇか

    彼女は頭良さそうな喋り方をしてる。そもそも15分かけなくても顔がすっぴんで美人ですw1:36 このパレットを全色で捌くような筆使い。そして何とも楽しそう幸せそうなはたき方。👍

  5. Janet Steinman

    No eye makeup? As stunning as you are, you need at least some mascara.

  6. rusticpie -


  7. Kelli diaz

    Vogue your being lazy by not listing the products…we want to be able to see what is exactly being used.

  8. Vieve

    Can you please list the products as well as the shades used? xx

  9. Michelle R Jackson

    Products used please??💐

  10. Gulraiz Haider

    My all time favourite vitamin C serum is back in stocks.
    I recommend you to buy it..it's awesomeee https://amzn.to/2l89oq1

  11. Yasmin Zaghloul

    C'est quoi cette beauté putainnn

  12. Anna Sophie Kodesova

    <3!!!!!!!!! loveeee as always

  13. butterfflyess

    katey sagal twin

  14. richardm239

    and it only took 20 products to look this natural ,i wonder why they shot it on such a foggy day??????

  15. Aurélie

    the original pout 💋💋💋

  16. J


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