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  1. Klay Er

    Everyone needs a break every now and then. Enjoy the holidays, you'll come back stronger than ever!

  2. Dodo 365

    Dude!!!!! You got this all figured out by the looks of it. You're truly an inspiration bruv. Will be looking forward to your new videos next year. Happy Holidays mate🤙🤙🎄🎄🎆🎆

  3. Victor Edwards

    Thanks for the inspiration. As a college swimmer I was in great shape until an injury. I gained almost 40 kg and am incredibly unhappy and it feels like a million miles from where I used to be. Can I ask how long you run for a day and how far you tend to run ?

  4. Annette B

    Do you sometimes marvel at how much you've changed in 11 months just because you started running and changed your eating?

  5. ShadowLord562

    Great video as always, man. I am motivated yet again!

  6. Ethan Nichols

    It’s amazing to see how you changed over the past year, you can even see you look happier and more confident as each month goes by, keep it up!

  7. Factor Aavion

    damm I'm soon proud of you

  8. Holly Flynn

    What treadmill do you use and how much was it?

  9. Kay Lives Life

    Ahh Billy your progress is really brilliant. Well done 👍 👍

  10. Lil F rouge

    How long are u running for on the treadmill and what speed? Great job btw bro 👍

  11. Nick S

    You have made amazing progress! We all have our hiccups. After all we are human.

  12. Whitney Henry

    Soooo inspiring

  13. G

    U freaking champ

  14. Maïlys HOMAND

    Thanks for the monthly reminder that will and détermination are key to succesfully changing your lifestyle ! Very impressive 👍
    And it's good to know that your mental health will come first, it is obviously very important…
    Congratulation for your journey !

  15. Ali Ahmad

    When you started running, what was the total duration per day and speed? And how it improved?

  16. Clare Hill

    Whether you take a rest or not we will be here for motivation and to thank you for sharing ! Xx
    I'm not going to cancel my gym class tomorrow now lollll

  17. 1000subscribers withoutanyvideos

    How long did you run per day

  18. Pure Ironn

    What is your fastest mile

  19. Matt Doyle

    The “Running Every Day for 12 Months” video better have Bitter Sweet Symphony as the backing music. Otherwise looking like a new man as usual Billy

  20. Straight Logikal

    Smashing it man

  21. Jad Walieddine

    Dude you look amazing! Take a fucking deserved break and have some fun! The weight loss journey is for a better life, not a more miserable life! But i'd recommend you to run every now and then just because if you totally stop it will be hard to go back on track. You don't need to do it often, nor for long periods and yiu don't have to upload anything here!
    In any case, happy holidays ❤

  22. NaqimProductions

    Please do a side by side comparison of your body once the year 2020 arrives. I really wanna see how much you have accomplished in one year.

  23. g .L

    Damn I'm more and more impressed by the progress you've been able to make as time goes on! Keep it up we are all rooting for you 😊 and also, you're mental health comes first I'm glad you are treating yourself well

  24. Chicken Nugget

    As always, great video and great job!!!

  25. TheHunter2001

    love the rayman theme

  26. Danvanthevacuumman


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