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  1. Calvin Hikes

    Calories dont lie.

  2. Pierre Scholtz

    What a great video – one of the best and most sensible weight loss tips I have heard. Presented in such a kind and encouraging way, so easy to warm to Coach Elizabeth and feel she can be trusted. I will definitely watch her videos when I see them being released.

  3. steve kirkbride

    Thank you The Run Experience

  4. Sadık Özcan

    Thanks for your useful recommendations. By the way, your diet that should be suitable your blood type.

  5. Ender

    Good and healthy advice!

  6. Arsenio E

    Can someone on the channel do something on the different types of diet fads and what type type of diet hurts or helps runners? Nice video again.

  7. Stella Z

    thank u. THANK U!!!

  8. Robert Semenoff

    Losing weight is easy: fasting. How not to gain it back, though.

  9. Davis Omido

    Is there a place for an outline or recap? I love the videos

  10. Bob Mrkus

    I have to watch this again so it can sink in to my thick head!

  11. New phone who dis?

    This thumbnail is so silly



  13. John Gardner

    Thanks for posting helpful videos like these on topics that are sure to be controversial.

  14. zPhokus

    awesome transitions and editing!

  15. Stephen Townsend

    Thank you. Simple tips but not something we think are important. Really helpful for me. The things you said about strength training were interesting. Thanks aqgain

  16. Nazeer Hussain

    What about stratergy for running plan , can you please elaborate , because I heard running plan for training does not necessarily work for weight loss.

  17. Edward Wickham

    Your point on 'cutting excess sugars' gets confusing. You mention processed sugars. You mention added sugars. You don't mention naturally occurring sugars, like from fruit, and I'm especially confused about the sugars found in 100% fruit juices. Some argue that it doesn't matter – that sugar is sugar. But that's not the whole story, is it?

  18. Clifton Madden

    Thanks Coach Elizabeth!

  19. Jim Duyck

    This is not a hot enough take for the internet. 😃

  20. Nadeem Ishaq

    I love your diet recommendation videos

  21. Bethany Henderson

    I hadn't heard that 3500 cals does not equal 1 lb and that a woman's cycle changes how calories are used, do you have a good reference article on that? I'd like to learn more! Thanks for the great tips 🙂

  22. Azuri Whitlock

    Can't wait to run SF Sunday!!!

  23. swampthing401

    cocaine works too. scientifically proven to loose weight and run faster lol

  24. Sandra Williams

    In general eat everything in moderation , don't overdue it.

  25. Jon's Conscious Life

    Promoting the consumption of fish and eggs for healthy eating? All credibility of this video, even though you made some good points, is lost on me when the message is to consume a food like eggs, where it’s actually ILLEGAL for suppliers to state they are healthy… By law, according to the USDA, the egg industry cannot use words like healthy or nutritious. Seems like the wrong thing to be promoting to runners as a healthy option.

  26. Evolve Pro

    Great video! How about bread ?its ok having a wholemeal bread slice per day or dont having at all ?

  27. E. G.

    Your videos are ALWAYS great and helpful!

  28. Northern Ninja Runner

    Hey Coach Elizabeth you need 💤 😴Great advice as always. Still don’t like 🥑 but I’m eating lots of spinach. Have a great weekend 👊

  29. Northern Ninja Runner

    Number 5 and Coach Holly appears on the left

  30. Jaafar A

    i agree a well balance diet is key i eat protien carbs and fats i dont do low carb high fat or high carb low fat or fasting i lost 80 pounds with a balance diet

  31. Victor Cortez

    Easy big 3 diet tips I would suggest is
    1.) Eat whole, nutrient dense foods & no fast food. So if you can get it thru a drive thru most of the time it’s not very healthy with a couple exceptions(In n out for example as a cheat meal cause its natural more or less & never frozen)
    2.) Eat correct serving sizes so example: if you’re drinking orange juice drink an actual 8oz serving not 12-16ozs, or a cup of rice as an actual serving size cup of rice not over serving
    3.) Find foods that you are comfortable eating everyday examples: orange juice, bananas, apple, clementines, pistachios, rice & meat, a protein shake, protein cereal more so the majority of your food is already penciled in & you don’t impulse eat often

  32. Lizzie Runs Far

    1st things 1st…. SLEEP Elizabeth LOL 😉

  33. Shane B

    You're tired? can't speak anymore? the answer -> sleep! =). Solid tips!

  34. Milomia

    Do you have any recommendations of a website re: the 4200 calories = 1 pound? I found that really interesting and I’ve always thought the old 3500 didn’t really add up for me. Great video!

  35. Tanna Dean

    great video, sound advice

  36. AM2003


  37. Luisport


  38. Joshua Mansilagan

    First! ❤

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