Runners have back pain, knee pain, and foot pain-standing healthy

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Back pain, knee pain and foot pain while running. Ryan went through all this. After several physical therapy failures, he came to Upright Health to see what … Click here!Miracle Moringa Supplement (view mobile)2019 - Updated - New Physical Product On CB! The Only Complete, Tested And Proven Superfood That Supports Overall Health.


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  1. Jason Cheramie

    And could you make a video on how to walk properly plz?

  2. Jason Cheramie

    My foot turns out when I walk what to do?

  3. Strength Side

    So great to see Ryan thriving. A great guy!

  4. Hadja Mobile

    So inspiring. This video couldn't have found me at a better time.

  5. Chory Facet

    So many people forget about stretching as a standard part of exercise ! Upright 👊 !

  6. RpgmaniacNo1

    This is medical science to feel better and live a pain free life. Thanks for your channel, Upright!

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