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  1. John LeBaron

    We need proof of life and we need proof of competence.

  2. John LeBaron

    Well that’s great for you that you are cancer free. Now please retire in and expel your cancerous cells from our judicial system.

  3. The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

    I want to see a current photo and video with RBG in the oval office with President Trump and the other supreme court justices to determine if it is truly her, or a look alike. I believe she is a look alike!!! I also think they should run blind DNA test against her closest relatives with not only her DNA but others not related and then the relations and that citizen observers should be present to transport, watch and assist in recording every sample's results and if there are any links. That there should be more than one lab used and that they be chosen by a citizen or citizens not related to anyone being tested and have zero connections to the government, industrial military complex, the courts, etc.

  4. PremiumWater

    Love that they used a picture of her from 15 years ago…

  5. James Barca

    I think the Illuminati cloned her.

  6. Jeffrey Campbell

    Prez carter and rbg survive cancer 1 google plex times. Me or you get it, oooooooooooopppss ded. It pays to me an elite.

  7. Chicago Critic Gerald

    Go Ginsburg!

  8. Zeena Abdura

    Where is the interview?? I want to hear her talk. No one seems to have this "interview" of Ginsburg talking. She died Jan. 2019

  9. MikeCharlieAlpha

    But she’s still a bird. Explain that.

  10. Vanessa Barnes

    Then why did my mother and sister both die of cancer last year
    And why do I feel like
    There is no hope

  11. Daddying

    When is she retiring, is what I want to know

  12. Zekeina Zaku

    Of course she doesn’t have cancer, she has the money to make it go away, unlike us peasants….

  13. Dan Strausbaugh

    I think we should REQUIRE and REQUEST a DNA Test … immediately…!!!..

  14. Briana Anderson


  15. A Guy

    That's great. Now when can we be Ginsburg free?

  16. Guidra Folker

    Yeah, when are you going to share the cure you got??? Hey Ruthie, don't you think it's time to share with us peons?

  17. David DeVito

    Give it 2 days and she’ll get cancer again.

  18. Floyd Zepplin

    YAY!!! Witches are immune from cancer


    Well when you sell your soul out to Satan, he's gonna make sure you stay alive long enough to do his bidding

  20. Bob Marley

    The elite can afford good healthecare.

  21. Monica B

    Looks like cancer is alive and well in that face.

  22. The Constitutionalist

    She IS cancer

  23. Lynn Olivier

    Cool, they cloned her.

  24. Cheryll Hamilton

    Sure she is. Not buying this story at all.

  25. RickK RocKStar

    The moment the Grim Reaper💀 comes to collect Ruth Ginsburg and has deja Vu…. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  26. Reuben Handel

    So she did an "interview" with no audio or video?

  27. Doc Tom

    Venom kills CANCER!!!!

  28. Dandy Don

    They’re going to have to tear the robe off of her. She doesn’t know when to quit.

  29. K F

    Free of cancer but not free of stupid😆

  30. Loftis Jason

    Glad she has no cancer but it would be the best thing ever if she stepped down.. get one more constitutional judge in there !

  31. R.R. Thompson

    Lots of money buys great health care.

    Good luck poor people.

  32. Wanda Roderick

    Why are they not using the cancer remedy on the rest of the American cancer patients why isn't the VIP gets the cancer cures and the rest of us died with it something bad wrong here something smells rotten and this needs to be investigated what did they use on her to cure her cancer they should make it public for all cancer patients

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