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  1. Ganesh Ganapathi

    Those days no mobile fans were enjoying

  2. binaya kumar das

    Fools please stop comparing virat kohli with the legend…

  3. Jog venkataya Jogan Kataria

    Cricket means sachin

  4. Shashi Upadhyay Upadhyay

    Ab devilliers is best than both sachin and kohli.

  5. tejash patel

    God of cricket is worried about 2 points, but doesn’t care that our 40 soldiers died.

  6. Satyander Kaushik

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  7. Kushal Verma

    No doubt God of cricket Sachin only


    God of cricket

  9. Vikas Shukla

    How can someome ..means how can this men be compared with anyone ..

  10. sohan singh

    Sachin Sachin when crowd sought in the stadium that feel we still heard. not only India but all cricket playing country emotional after retirement speech

  11. Vivek Eshwar

    Many people refer Harsha Bhogle as greatest commentator….. I mean uses great phrases, but Tony Greig is Euphoria.

  12. Digvijay Sainik

    Many people wonder and compare between Master and Kohli. One thing I'ld like to say that they just need to think about the value of ₹1 in 1950s and copare with ₹1 in 2019. If you can…. that's the answer.

  13. Mohammed Riyaz

    Cricket God…. only one Sachin Tendulkar

  14. Biswabrata Bhattacharya

    Sachin the one man army

  15. jees mathew

    God of cricket

  16. shashi bareth

    god of cricket

  17. Ratan Behera

    Well We have lost interest in cricket after his retirement.

  18. Raja Venkatesh

    Sachin is great

  19. santu kumar

    Now a days theri is no player like Sachin

  20. santu kumar

    My favourite cricketer Sachin

  21. S K

    All those people saying that virat kohli is better than Sachin…are all current generation cricket fans…
    I agree than virat is something very special…very special…but he is not better than Sachin tendulkar..he is not even better than dravid or Lara for that matter…

    Let me break it down for u people who thinks he is better..

    First of all..

    The list of great bowlers that these 3 has faced..n by great bowlers I mean bowlers who had pace,swing,movement of the deck and reverse swing n threatening persona..
    Here are some..Walsh,ambrose,akram,akhtar,waqar,McGrath,Lee,Donald,Pollock,bishop,vaas,srinath,Gillespie, Mohd asif,Gough,Anderson,steyn etc etc etc…the list very long..not to mention warne and murli..

    The great bowlers that virat has faced are just two..Anderson n not the Anderson at his peak..an ageing Anderson..and mohd amir at his peak..just two..
    Check his records against those two..
    they don't make good bowlers now..may b he faced styen too..but again not at his peak.

    Now kids will talk about numbers..that virat has 39 odi centuries ..and test centuries..
    Look,he will certainly go past Sachin in numbers.. No doubt about that..
    But the biggest reason that we get so many ODI centuries is because of stupid two new ball rules..the ball never becomes softer ..softer ball is very difficult to hit big runs all the time..n gone is the era where v will find reverse swing in odi cricket.. True reverse swing is difficult to read ..let alone score runs..

    N third important change is the condition of the wicket that exists in current era..n the size of the grounds…every country has flat tracks…flat fucking tracks.. Cz people loves runs..n cricket wants money from these people..
    Hell I don't see seam movement or swing even on English wicket these days …

    Having said that..I have very high regards for virat the king…he is the king..his centuries and I mean test centuries ..in south Africa, england and England speaks volumes..n there are many centuries of his there..he is the king of cricket of current generation.. N years to come…

    But virat is just a king….Sachin is GOD..and.. G.O.A.T…..
    not just Sachin, dravid and Lara too…

    I will end my saying…
    If Sachin would have started his career n played for long in this era he would have definitely bern better than virat..
    And if virat would have played in Sachin tendulkar's era…he would not even come close to Dravid..let alone SACHIN..


  22. Bharathi raja

    dislikers all duck out.

  23. Devendra Kumar

    Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman of all times and also one of the finest all rounders .

  24. Sunil.R. Tambe

    Down thr ground …..Oh what a shot beautiful shot

    @3.03 Tony Greig. All the way ! !

  25. Babuli Patra

    if a batsman hitting 6 sixes no problem
    but legendary will be forever

  26. Babuli Patra

    he faced with patient vth world's top class bowlers in tough time to prove himself

  27. Babuli Patra

    every year cricketers came to the view but the God of cricket Tendulkar special than bradman.
    because I never seened bradman
    but the God of cricket Tendulkar I watched from my childhood

  28. kamal prem


  29. wasim akram

    No doubt sachin is a great player, but this doesn't mean he is the God. God is only one accept that. And please stop calling sachin or anyone God. It is the biggest sin u can commit by calling anyone God…. May God provide u the best knowledge and take ur ignorance away….

  30. Shounak Basak

    that's a different helmet….

  31. Naveen Chow

    Sachin GOD Tendulkar 2019.

  32. umi shassu

    God of cr!cket

  33. Mahendra Reddy

    He got talent, but he was the most selfish player in the cricket I never senn…

  34. Mahendra Reddy

    The most selfish player on the earth is Sachin Tendulkar, he can hit 90 from 40 balls but he need 100 balls to get that reamain 10 to make his ton n to make India loose most of the times…. He is not a player to country, he is player for his personal records… Analyze….

  35. Shekhar Sharma

    Sachin played extra ordinary shots 10 year before with advance bowling line up

  36. Yadav Neeraj

    If back pain was not happened then sachin create more record in cricket history

  37. Harsh Gaurav

    Can someone tell which match / series it was ??

  38. Rishendra singh mahar

    God is always God..
    Love u Sachin

  39. Adi On Fire


  40. Abid Padanthara

    💟🇮🇳Master blaster 🇮🇳💟
    He is a inspiration of all cricketers

  41. likesyou rahul

    Oh yeas, his playing with back pain & losing his life for the country and for your family and he shares his earnings from advertisements with you and Indian public and for betterment of other sports / Olympics in the country. Stop making human Gods'. There was player called Jaques Kallis million times better than him.

  42. Akshay Sawant

    Still his haters like he is selfish coz he played for his runs even he was being hurt

  43. Rajesh Krishnan Kutty

    Only idiots will compare kholi with Sachin. Sachin was the best during his era. Virat is best in today's era. People need to think wisely.

  44. Maharajasingh P Singh

    I looking first time Sachin helmet

  45. Microsoft Support

    Sachin didnt Perform any better considering the amount of Skills and Talent he had. Still HE is the best batsman of all times till the date. And i dont see , anyone coming near to that.

  46. santhakumar k

    All cricketers on one side
    Sachin is The one and only
    No camrisions at all

  47. murugan sudalai

    Sachin Tendulkar is god

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