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  1. Sara Zimmerman

    The packaging with the makeup revolution brand doesn’t excite me. Neither does the Ciate ones. I don’t know. It just doesn’t appeal to me and it makes the eyeshadows not appeal to me either.

  2. Vera T

    The big Colourpop palette looks tempting to me because I clearly see different shades which get progressively darker from top to bottom: cooler first row, peachier second row, mauveish third, darker and warmer next one and darkest last row, and I don't feel overwhelmed when I look at it (like I do with Morphe palettes which look messy and repetetive to me). And the packaging looks quite elegant too. I won't order it because I already have similar colors in other palettes, but I want it anyway.

  3. Blair Venge

    Lele Pons sounds like a brain deformity 🤣

  4. Gwen dy

    Not gonna buy JH, or kkw, or kj, tired of these brands, so many of these boring brands out in the stores that dont really stand out in any way, same old standard, neutral, shades you can find anywhere for under 15 dollars, you pay for a name, not picking on the above mentioned brands, other brands that bore me are becca, pur, it. I could continue, but have things to do, thanks for your video!

  5. Nadia Nanette

    Would love to hear what you think of the wet n wild profucts and CoverGirl!

  6. Ashley Bruno

    That blue Viseart pallet looks like a better version of the Mercury Huda palette. I personally went out on a limb and bought the Kylie palette and oh my is it gorgeous – if you're into bronzes and reds it's a must buy; I consider it a cheaper version of the Pat Mcgrath V palette.

  7. Jade Hanson

    That Nabla palette just reminds me of the Milani Rouge or whatever they were called palettes that were deeper and more evening vampy.

  8. Rahnama Ferdous

    I wish you’d credit beauty news since all your videos’ release info is sourced from them!

  9. Christina K.

    I think the new kkw mario palette looks super similar to the Carli bybel ABH palette

  10. Tiffany Watson

    I thankful for you Lauren! It is so easy to get caught up in buying everything. It’s nice to just want to talk about make up with out having to buy it! I hope you and your family had a happy holiday! 💕

  11. klymers

    Beauty News contacted Viseart about the new palettes and they said that Viseart Middle East is under a separate creative team to Viseart Paris, so that's why it's a bit left field for them. But apparently Viseart Middle East do ship internationally

  12. Becky Morrow

    I like your eyeshadow look… Too bad I don’t purchase from Huda beauty any longer. Her shadow is pretty, though.

  13. Cassie Lynne Horne

    I’m a Sagittarius and that palette offends me

  14. Ximena

    not being shady.. but, who is Lele Pons?? i really have never heard of her until this palette.

  15. Teresa Swanson

    You have found a way to keep up & enjoy the beauty of new launches & inform us on many products without spending a ton of money! I know I buy new launches too soon, 3 days later I'm like what palette? So many purchases I didn't need to buy. Thank you I'm enjoying them thru you now.

  16. Shawne

    I’m coming to terms with the fact that thanks to my job I’m a boring neutral eyeshadow kinda girl. For a while I resented it, but now I actually like them because I know I can wear them to work instead of only reserving it for the weekend. That being said, I’m digging the neutral ColourPop palettes. I have plenty of colorful shades to wear on the weekends, but this gives me different palettes to use for work.

  17. JustRose

    Watching this in bed the morning after thanksgiving and all I’m thinking is; what a beautiful Christmas background, that’s a cute donut ornament, I’m hungry…donuts!🤤🤤
    😘love you girl.

  18. SheaTheUnicorn

    Can we please talk about how pretty red lipstick looks on you?!

  19. Vicktoria Solomon

    I’m so disappointed in the BH cosmetics zodiac line. I’m a sag and I’ve been waiting for this pallet all year and I’m not even remotely interested in buying it now that I see it. I wish the blue from the packaging was a shade in the pallet. I also wanted deep reds and oranges because we are a fire sign 🔥 and a green would have been nice too.

  20. Isabel Maas

    I love looking at makeup, most things I see aren't for me (luckily) but I can see the beauty regardless of my personal preferences.

  21. katja waldchen

    Lauren, about Nabla there is one problem – the inside packaging becomes VERY DIRTY very soon and to a point you can wipe that off, but soon the dirt is stuck and it is forever dirty 🙁 and one problem I had with Dreamy 1 – shimmers that look somewhat similar are VERY similar on the eyes. Actually, shimmers in Dreamy were not as good as in Soul Blooming, so I am kind of surprised they chose to make an all shimmer with a Dreamy name on it…

  22. Sarah Walden

    Something about the large Colourpop palettes (the new 30 shade ones) really catches my eye. I think it’s because they put out so many 9-Pan and 12-Pan palettes that these feel a little more special since they are less common. I mean, give it six months and they’ll be releasing one a week, I know 😂 But for now, as someone who does enjoy larger palettes (although I’ve never bought a large morphe palette) I love this line from them. And to me, the Nabla and Kylie palettes also look so similar!
    Great video and love the background!

  23. Miser's Makeup - Người Hà Tiện

    Those Vse Viseart products look soo straight off Aliexpress. I can’t believe they actually put their name on that.

  24. Angelia Serbinski

    Ciate London actually sells products? I thought they just lived in Ipsy.

  25. Healing Touch with Julia

    Also want to contribute that today is a day of mourning for so many people. 🙏🏼 Please take a moment today to acknowledge that you are standing on stolen native land. Donate to indigenous causes and support indigenous history. ❤️ sending lots of love ! I had a great time taking a break from family to chill out thinking about makeup!

  26. Lydia Sams

    No related to the video as a whole but I stayed in for thanksgiving too! It was like a mini vacation! Super relaxing and well needed so I definitely understand where you are coming from! 💜💜💜

  27. KPlifespassions

    Nomad Cosmetics and Coloured Raine are having Kickass Black Friday sales. Love both brands, never buy full price.

  28. Creamy Goodness

    Fenty's Trophy Wife collection shades and tones don't match at all. Looks like they just wanted a collection with that name and didn't bother to make the products actually monochromatic / cohesive.

  29. Creamy Goodness

    I'll give colourpop that – if I decided to wear eyeshadow they are the #1 address I would go to build my collection. So many different options and such great value for money.

  30. Creamy Goodness

    Jaclyn Hill lipstick backlash made RawBeautyKristi's entire career, basically. I love it when you said "I didn't make any videos about it because half of the internet did" LOL

  31. Diane Lynn

    The Cover Girl stuff looks really nice. Hope these are Glossier dupes!

  32. LordOfLotion

    I got the complete Kylie holiday collection and it's really fun. I'm not a fan of the show or of her but I loved the collection and the colors. I was kind of ticked because it didn't come in that red hat box after I spent that much on it. I didn't buy it to get a box but when I spend a car payment on makeup I expect a little VIP treatment. The makeup itself is really great. The blush and highlighter is as pretty as it looks and you can use this any time of year. I could have used some green shadows but I guess Kylie is putting the money she saved on the greens in the boxes she forgot to send to the ones who bought her complete collection.

  33. Meg Walker

    That Tarte and Lele collab ain't it yikes. And the thing with Jaclyn is I don't believe she was ever honest she couldn't even give a reasonable explanation and I cant support someone like that. The Kim k collab is the artist and muse.

  34. Skkyee z

    Yass on the dreamy 2 pallet.. 💛💙

  35. Michelle NiCole Beauty

    Does anyone know when the cover girl stuff launches? I know it's for pre order on Amazon but like in stores?

  36. Dani Eileen

    Yay I love these types of videos! I went to three thanksgivings today! So this is just what I needed my glass of wine and Lauren! ❤️

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