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  1. Randy Hearn

    Good video. But I noticed when you were demonstrating sitting in the chair, you pushed yourself back in the chair and immediately leaned backwards. After years of pain I have learned chair designs suck, especially for shorter people. I generally put a pillow above the lumbar support so when I sit back in the chair my back is not in a negative position. I have started buying computer and other chairs that do not have a negative lean.

  2. Timothy Wieboldt

    Sorry my hips are so stiff I can't bend like that. I have been dealing with this since I was 36 yrs old in the military. I'm now 55 and still deal with this daily.

  3. Mike

    Is this real?

  4. Darren Hill

    The getting dressed lying down is Bullshit. .. first off I don't sleep on a freakin table. . And secondly I don't have a broken heart I have a aggrivated temperament because of the pain unless I'm on morphine that is.. and let's face it. .if im on morphine or oromorph 😪😎 im cool about having back trouble in the first place 👌😛 sleep tight… lmfao

  5. premiumcut6813

    I use a metal coat hanger

  6. Shaista Hakim

    How to bend down to pick up something if you have lumber back pain

  7. Ahmed Samavia

    Wow thank u sir great great job thank u

  8. MagnaBaby

    It's sad I can't even put on my socks like the video describes i cant bend. it hurts. im 36 fyi lol. never had back issues till now

  9. Lyn Ne

    Question – I have pain in my butt, NOT my thigh, in my calf, NOT my foot BUT my toes are numb (tingly) — can this still be sciatica??

  10. zermal 330


  11. silverss onyoutube

    my sciatica flared up today . i was kinda feeling good and decided to have a Cigar . well tonight ive got increased pain going down my leg. electrical jolts and spasms and muscle in my buttock and leg thigh is more tight . I have to give up Cigars because last time I had one i had a shocking flare up . and now smoking one again flare up again so that confirms that . so im guessing the high nicotine does something to increase nerve pain ?

  12. Buy House

    Hi. Could you please make a video showing how to properly bend down to close a draw, stand at the sink to brush your teeth, and how to stand while washing dishes if you have sciatica. Thank you.

  13. Anne Hughes

    Could I please ask a guest ion, I've been managing my pain a lot better lately but I was unprepared for when getting up and sitting down a feeling of throbbing like a heartbeat, sounds stupid in my lower back, it doesn't hurt but also doesn't feel right, it's like pulsing, am I going nuts lol, its very strong,

  14. Ahmed Vadnagarwala

    your vedios are really soo helpful . god bless . do you recommend traction for herniated disc!?

  15. Mike Guitar Player

    I think what's true for everyone is bending forward just makes everything worse!

  16. Megan Mccarthy

    I'm a 15 year old girl and I'm suffering with lower back pain a lot lately I can't even go to school,I bend forward a tiny inch and its inbearable pain , anything that can help?

  17. Vladimir Naumenko

    Thank you so much for the valual advices. I've thought that I have SI joint pain before the video. But now I'm a little confused because everything you've showed is all about me (wearing socks, pants; seating in the car) and you call it like 'back pain and sciatica'. What about SI joint? I feel much better with yours 'Four Easy Exercises' and I ordered a belt named 'sacroloc' from Germany for supporting my SI joint. I'd like to know how long should I wear the belt during the day? Is it possible to get rid of this illness? I'm 52 years old. Thank you for your help.

  18. Investigator Ed Powell

    Can bad posture cause sciatica?

  19. The Ménière’s Rider

    You guys are always a crack up 🙂

  20. Geoff Daniels

    Hey guys another phenomenal video. Can I ask this quick question? I have a small/partial tear of the glenoid labrum. Did a month of PT, focusing on shoulder stabilization. Can I hang? Like the hang from the Shoulder Pain book by Dr. John Kirsch? Or would that be dangerous? Also I was told a few different opinions on working out the chest muscles what are your thoughts I'd love to know you're guys opinion. hope to hear from you soon

  21. Speedy Howard

    You guys! Idiot I am. I have managed to determine that putting my car seat back as far as I can get it is a good thing, but it never dawned on me to put my butt in the seat first, then the legs. Go figure. Can't wait to use this valuable suggestion. Thanks as always!


    I have bell palsy for over 2years now but still have not recover full.what mediation n should I do those massage exercises also?

  23. Imran Shaikh

    I have a disc bulge between L4-L5, L5-S1 , i dont have any pain in my legs and it doesnt hurt when i bend forward, it just hurts when i sit for too long, should i still avoid bending forward ? Thank You


    nice informative video…..but what about patients who sleep on floor,how they should get up from floor after sleep?

  25. Jennifer Howell

    Very helpful and great info

  26. Shelly Baggett

    What is a good way to do cardio after your back heals?

  27. Shelly Baggett

    What does it mean if it feels somewhat better when I lean forward (as long as I keep my head up)

  28. C O

    Any remedies or exercises for auto immune disorders specifically muscle and connective tissue disease? My pain (flareups) greatly affect my hips, thighs and legs.
    Thank you. ❤❤

  29. Chris Lin

    I think a broken heart requires a different kind of therapists (the one that goes to psych school). But you guys are doing a reasonably good job making people feel cared for and loved. That helps!

  30. edom irsd

    Informative. How to know which side is the disc bulge. Bulge in C5-6/C6-7 & L5-S1 I have back pain in my left side. Sciatica in left leg and sometimes on right leg. Sometimes don't have any pain.

  31. Sergio Garcia

    Can you do a video on swimming related possible injuries. I herniated my disc and using swimming as exercise. Im worried about future shoulder injuries.

  32. Terra T

    I'm an occupational therapy assistant and I live these videos! Very helpful in my practice.

  33. Mike Guitar Player

    Hey guys that position is the worse for me to put on my socks it burns like hell especially after a long night sleep. Can't do that stretch upon awakening,but what helps me is microwaving a heat pack then going into a Mackenzie like pose on the floor for 10 minutes. The heat and that pose seem to loosen things up quick! My condition may be different for others but if it helps someone then that's good!

  34. east wood

    Is the stationary bike a good exercise for rehabbing a herniated disc? I try to avoid sitting to keep pressure off the disc but I'm curious about the bike? I've lost strength in one leg and I'm trying to find a safe way to build it back up. I'm actually testing negative for the straight leg as of now but it took me three months to get to this point. Thanks for all the videos Bob and Brad!!

  35. Francisco Maldonado

    I am unable to reach for my toes in a seated position, or standing position. Are there any excercises for tight hamstrings with sciatica?

  36. Axe Your Doctor

    (Fellow PT here)…..Good channel guys….I enjoy it, thanks….I dig the vibe of your channel

  37. mpenny226

    Can I use this for hip pain too? mine is due to bursitis

  38. manjeet singh

    Tks.sir,can u do a session on muscle spasm cure? I hv extreme muscel spasm pain on right side with disc bulge on same side.started from weightliftind and became severe due to running and jumping. I willl be very thankful to u

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