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  1. Karuna Murthy

    actually searching for this practice for many years ..helps a lot

  2. Shawn Gan

    This is really helpful, i've been having sciatic never pain for more than 4 years. The most important thing that i've learn is learn how to breath correctly while doing some of these exercises. 

  3. Bowen Hougmenseed

    Great Clip! Thank you very much.


    Thanks Mr. Chow. I am getting relief by doing this.

  5. Rohit sharma

    Excellent practices for low back pain Sciatica….

  6. navin singh

    Very useful vedio for Sciatica. I got lot of relief from sciatica by practicing these practices…Thanks to Mr. Chow

  7. zarina dalal

    Thanks Chow,these are the best asanas for the lower back and sciatica

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