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  1. Fightmaster Yoga

    Get extra strength to perform yoga poses you never thought possible by strengthening your core by clicking here https://www.myyogapal.com/core-sign-up

  2. Diane Tarkowski

    Quick, but effective! Thank you, Lesley! 🙏

  3. Patti Noe

    Ahhh…thanks for helping me release the pain!

  4. joylovebliss

    Great feeling short class with mostly twisting poses/stretches. Yummy.

    (I don't have sciatica or back pain..this class felt great either way)

  5. malak baguthian

    Thank u

  6. Surinder Deo

    Thank you so much

  7. Aline Indech

    Perfect as Always <3

  8. aviva christophe

    Stopped at 3 seconds. How do I seat on the floor with a sciatica?? 😂

  9. cabananabana

    added on my selfcare yoga list. Thank you Leslie

  10. ULU Yoga

    Great video! #yoga #yogateachertraining

  11. Angie Schneider

    Awesome! Short and effective.

  12. YOGA nhật ký sống khỏe

    this is perfect, tks so much

  13. Lena Simmons

    Creat practice, Lesley!

  14. Lou Bruno

    Always good to have a sciatica session to do after sitting at the office all day.

  15. Christian Lopez


  16. Susan Martin

    Nice workout for "releasing the pain"❤️

  17. Annlynn Garviefinley

    Releasing the pain. Short and sweet. Perfect for hectic day

  18. A I

    Releasing the Pain Leslie🧘🏽‍♀️❤️🙏🏽

  19. Norah Stuff

    I hope you do a fun halloween costume practice this year!


    so effective so sweet as always. Love Lesley

  21. Lena Sundin

    Releasing the pain 🙏❤️

  22. solarwind1985

    This is perfect for me, my back is always so stiff!

  23. ShariY

    Pain-be-gone 👍🏻 💖

  24. Lori Alisea


  25. Kalpesh Zala


  26. Michaela Baumann

    releasing the pain 🙂

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