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  1. Kristina M

    WOW! Careful there! We need to preserve this treasure!!!! 🙂

  2. Mason Rex Whitton

    Who else thought as a kid WWE was real??

  3. Jessica Gonzalez

    I giggled the whole time ty scott honestly you being on YouTube is a breath of fresh air! You’re so talented and professional and no need to be shady or petty as so many people in the business feel the need to. Your work and artistry speak for itself! Congrats again on the new launch! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Much love xox

  4. Tia H

    This! Was! Awesome!!

  5. Ron Katagiri

    Can we talk about how sizzling hot of a daddy Scott Barnes is! Damn!!!

  6. Andrea C

    So enjoyable watching you work! I’ve learned so much from your videos with Tati and I look forward to picking up even more techniques. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent with us!

  7. Liz Ashley

    Omg….wrestling and makeup in one video…I'm in heaven!!

  8. I'm not blonde

    Scott your videos are great, just remember that the youtube algorithm favorites and recommends a longer format of videos.
    even though I enjoy your videos, youtube doesn't recommend them to me
    But your videos are hilarious and informative

  9. private_in_public

    "Told you….I wanted more contour !!" hahahaha this is gold !!!

  10. jade3399

    That was hilarious!!

  11. Vicki Noble

    Don't hurt him too bad! He needs those mitts!!!

  12. Mallory Gardner

    Scott you are such an amazing person, your energy is the best!! 💕💜

  13. will viste

    Thank you Tati for bring this into my life 🤣

  14. Nikki Dimick

    Can we just take a sec to appreciate how absolutely adorable Scott and his husband are together? They're so appreciative of one another and they compliment one another so well… absolutely precious!

  15. Evelyn Garcia

    Why do I love this so much 😂😂😂😂

  16. Vianchie Moreno


  17. efeychuploader

    Natalya has face similarity with Desi Perkins…

  18. Selena Vasquez

    This was super cute. 😂

  19. Bumble Bee

    This is my favorite channel keep em coming!

  20. Sarahann

    Can I just say Scott you look like you should be on the cover of GQ Magazine! Love, Love the new Hair.

  21. Lorena Lupu

    I laughed like crazy.

  22. Canii peopleperson

    I'm dying this is the content the beauty community NEEDS. lol!!

  23. Alexis Letherman


  24. ruth4489

    Scott, you're a good sport. There at the end, I could tell u were going to call your Chiropractor like right away. I would have. Thanks for the makeup vids, can't wait for that cake batter lip gloss. Yummmyy!!!

  25. Dollface A

    So cute !!

  26. Wendy J.Bain.S

    Amen Diane 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. The Kist Vegan 92

    OMG! This was sooooooooooo much FUN!

  28. Kiara Sarai

    I can’t wait to learn more !!! Your so fun and happy to watch!!! Thanks 🙏🏼

  29. Andrea Decker

    i wanted see James Charles and Jeffree Star in a beat down. Loved this!!!

  30. shannon briones strong


  31. Lisa Zamudio

    This is amazing

  32. Angeline


  33. Angeline

    Omfg this is hilarious!!!

  34. shelby pena

    OMG Scott your such a natural !!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Nick Escavor

    I can’t 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Hannah Merritt

    This is everything I needed and more 😂

  37. Shaza Khalid

    I loved this more than the makeup

  38. Denise Swigert

    That was hilarious and very stylish!

  39. CC


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