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  1. DrownedTears

    I will defn SUPPORT shane!💕

  2. Seldom Seen

    These freaks again?

  3. Alayna Harwood

    Best series ever to exist

  4. x_Honey Bunny_x

    So much years of hard work,and all the years you gave us,and helped us get through shit in our lives.You absolutely deserve this Shane!Good luck,and you go boy!And Jeffree,such an amazing person,and people painted him to be the bad guy.Good luck to both of you,and you deserve all you have,Seeing this vid makes me so happy omg

  5. Rachel DeYoung

    Too Faced is the-best name for them…. grose. Tati has had beef with them too. Never buying a product again!

  6. Joe and Laura Valenzuela

    When is the next episode coming? I’m so entertained and so stressed. I need more!!!

  7. Mandi Jean

    I never knew really how much went into making makeup! Insane…

  8. Jovana Diaz


  9. Luna Locien

    Love this. Love shane. Love jeffree.

  10. Thelionking 07

    Love u guys

  11. DeistherM

    Omg Shane I just can’t wait for your palette!!!! That meeting was just amazing of the realities of the costs of makeup. 🤦🏻‍♀️ thank you!!!!!

  12. cortneydelegan

    I was really hoping the Shane palette would be more of a wearable everyday palette. I want a Jeffree palette so bad but I can’t justify spending the money on a bunch of shades that will be fun to swatch but I know I’ll never use. Another moon we wait. Best of luck to Shane with the launch though, I know it’ll do amazing!

  13. Caroline Phillips


  14. pizzanewk

    Joker movie

  15. Brandi Herman

    I’m over the moon 🌚 excited for
    Shane & Jeffree’s collaboration.
    They have such an amazing chemistry 🧪 that’s evenly matched by the loving, honest connection they share.
    I can literally feel the Entwining of their souls ❤️ like a beautiful song with a guitar 🎸solo that Invokes so much emotion in you that it cant be put into words.
    This documentary was worth the wait as I’m sure the collab will be as well ❤️
    💋🏑Congratulations 🍾

  16. Kim Woo Seok let's debut

    I hope Shane names a shade called Shanaynay

  17. Charlotte Finnerty

    I cant wait to buy from this launch and show Shane support he deserves! I love Jeffree too and his products! Such an iconic duo!

  18. Ahmed Mamdouh

    Holly Greens

  19. Legacie Phillips

    30:00 We need to know more about this nitty gritty business stuff. Honey over here trying to work her way up.

  20. Ashlyn Moreira

    I really love them together bc Shane is opposite from Jeffery and it makes them a better pair

  21. Dejah Vulia

    “Shane, that’s NOT how you swatch.” So cute. Baby making a product he loves starting with zero knowledge. Jeffree is such a good big brother.

  22. Kerrigan Toth

    i'm crying watching this beautiful friendship before my undeserving eyes.

  23. Deepika Parya

    "I'm gonna go pee" needs to be a name.

  24. weird girl009

    when shane is like "i've been getting fucked'
    Jeffree "OHH"

  25. Antara.

    You need an eyeshadow color called Garret and it could be like a gingerish color and a Morgan which can be like the color of some medium blue denim because Morgan always wears her denim jacket! OMG OMG AND A COLOR CALLED RYLAND WHICH IS THE COLOR OF LA CROIX! Or maybe the Morgan could be like, an iced coffee color!!!

  26. Destiny Winters

    I am already planning on buying two of his pallets!! I love Shane and Jeffree, and I am so excited to see what's to come!!

  27. 325dominique

    Jeffery is so creative I love his mind

  28. Cynthias stylemua

    Waiting for part 3.😁💜

  29. chris Deprimo

    Love,love,love this. It is so raw and real. I was in tears.

  30. Gull Fatima

    Jefree has the ass i would kill for

  31. Iptisam Al-alak

    What to buy someone who has everything? A slurpy and a kit kat 😃👌

  32. Gabriela Salvucci

    If I could afford Jeffree Star I would be using that stuff daily

  33. Ly H

    You don’t get to take money with you. Shane is allow to live a happy life too!

  34. Elina Jensen

    I'm looking for a secound job so I can buy Shanes makeup 😂

  35. Bianca G

    Please please please make a Shanaynay lipstick 😂 I would die!!!

  36. Black and Black

    My dreams that I decided to bury somewhere deep in my heart are coming back out. I’m a person that easily gets hurt and discouraged so, I decided to bitch away.
    I realized I still have many years and I can start from somewhere.
    I’m glad Shane and Jeffree are doing this.

  37. stffaluffagus

    The fact that Shane linked Nikki Tutorials at the end tells you everything you need to know about him.

  38. Tegan Naylor

    i'm living for this series.

  39. ElinaHdez

    Please make it wordwide

  40. Ella Landsman

    AnD ThAN I POstEd A PiCtURe On INstaGRaM

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