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  1. Kurt Glover

    Thanks guys! I just purchased this from their website and used your promo code; it gave me a great discount. This will be a much welcomed therapy for me and my wife. I fell 25 feet in 1998 plus have a weight lifting injury as well. I've been getting L5/ S1 facet injections every 3 months. On snowy & rainy days here in West Michigan, is the worst when it comes to pain. Thanks for the video and recommending this product! Blessings

  2. darshan di kamli dil-e-darshan

    Can far infra red gives to cancerous patient ?

  3. Mary Johnson

    Use it every day. It is somewhat stiff, but it’s great .
    Worth every penny.

  4. John Tanner

    Why have you started with the "click-bait" style videos?

  5. Rex Erection

    How do you heal a tendon injury from a sprained ankle? It never fully got back to normal years later. How do you remove scar tissue?

  6. Ken Coulter

    Hello from Eau Claire ! I've been loving your videos . I have hip problems , FAI, had left hip scoped in Feb, getting right side done tomorrow, I can testify that PT is sooooo important.

  7. Maria Rose

    I have arthritis in my facet joints. Does that product really work?

  8. C.G. Pacheco

    Dear Most Famous PTs on the Internet, you've helped me before, so I took your advice and your discount (thank you!) and ordered the infrared platinum pad for myself for Christmas. Sugar consumption (added sugar, that is) results in stiffness in my lower back, hips, and knees, but hopefully this pad will help when my reduced-sugar resolve is weak and when I re-start my exercise program after the holidays. It's Christmas Day and I've made fudge, plus I had a cheese danish for breakfast and flavored-cream in my coffee. I'll suffer for that later! Everyone should try avoiding added-sugar for 30 days just to see the toll it takes on your brain and body functions. You'll be amazed!

  9. Intentional Offside

    Most TV remotes use infrared technology.
    For therapeutic purposes, stand in front of the TV when someone is changing channels!

  10. breadandcircus1

    Merry Christmas to you 🙂

  11. Baleandor

    I've been having this issue of waking up with my pillow pushed upwards that end up craning my neck. I sleep on my side with a memory foam pillow. Any idea what could be causing this?

  12. Bob & Brad

    To Learn more about Thermotex click on this link http://bit.ly/2vbuWFi For a discount on the Thermotex Platinum Infrared product use code FAMOUSPTX

    For a discount on the Thermotex knee, foot, or wrist Infrared products use code FAMOUSPT (FREE SHIPPING WHEN CODES ARE USED)

  13. frederick hansen

    How about an infrared sauna? Are they worth the money?

  14. EricnAmy Schmidt

    What is the basic difference between near and far infrared heat? Some saunas use near and the device your recommending and using uses far. Which is better?

  15. Carol Cansdale

    I ordered one and really like it, the heat is gentle and it can be worn for a long period without feeling like it's burning the skin. But I agree with another comment about the stiffness of the pad. It's very hard to get the heat into the neck area.

  16. Frances Lockhart

    Infrared works.

  17. Geo Patriarca

    Merry Christmas , gentlemen! Greatly appreciate your videos.

  18. Alan K

    I have to admit, I'm a bit SKEPTICal of this one guys…

  19. Edin Kuduzovic

    I know these guys have to be doctors.

  20. szwiebach

    I can’t find any high quality studies (or for that matter, any studies at all) comparing infrared heat to regular heat for pain. For over $200, I’d like to know if this works (not just anecdotal such as “it works for me”). I understand the theory of deep heat = more healing but one can also theorize just about anything and convince people that it makes logical sense without true scientific studies. I’d like to think that it works but show me a true scientific study before I plop down $219 per the discount (note that without a discount, Amazon is cheaper by $3).!!!!

  21. Edin Kuduzovic

    I am going to be a professional chef one day guys.

  22. Harish Murthy

    You guys are always the best .

  23. itsa12345

    What about spinal cord?

  24. Jacqui Hattem Spiegel

    great video as always you both have excellent professional advice on how to stay pain free , I use the theromotex heating pad and it’s the best product on the market thanks for all of your expertise 👍

  25. Julia

    Not entirely pleased with the infrared heating pad you recommend. It has the flexibility of a brick and is very difficult to use comfortably on the neck and shoulders.

  26. Jackie Bohannon

    Thank Thank you Bob Brad 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  27. Mara Maas

    I love my Thermatex, but have noticed that my feet become cold when I use it on my back, especially in this cold weather. Does heating one area of the body draw warmth away from another part?

  28. Annettesmusic

    Your remark: "What are you 100 years old?" (7:08) got me to think of this. I thought you both might enjoy this. I visited my Sister in the nursing home yesterday and there was a woman in the hallway that I took notice of. She was in an old fashioned style wheel chair but, rather than turning the wheels with her arms to move the chair forward, she was using her feet and was practically "running", she moved so fast. Anyhow, later on, they put on a show and there were singers doing Christmas carols and this gal was right up in front of the stage listening to and enjoying the show. The clincher (which I found out at the concert)…she's 101 years old! She is SO active, both day and night, that the facility actually had to install a device on her chair that buzzes if she ventures out too far. heh. You go girl!

  29. johnny llooddte

    obviously these products are great.. if you can afford them , GET THEM..let me tell you the REAL secret.. any regular light bulb also emits infrared spectrum light.. a red filter just filters out all the the other colors of light.. 1/2 of all these devices just use a regular bulb and a regular light… holding a regular bulb near the spot does the same thing… ALMOST.. obviously infrared bulbs are more expensive and more designed to produce infrared or ultraviolet spectrums.. if youre poor,,, a regular light bulb 3 inches away will work,,, even thru your clothes…. a plant grow bulb is more intense and still cheaper than true infrared bulbs.. dont burn yourself.. a real infrared system is best…good luck.. price doesnt guarantee quality..

  30. Cmac

    We use infrared on horses and it helps them immensely, expensive but worth it.

  31. C E

    I'll check back to see your reply to Denn…'s question. Everyone prefers the feel of warm to cold! Hoping the answer is that the amount of time suggested does NOT promote inflammation. Also, how it compares with cold therapy for a condition such as plantar fasciitis. Maybe it's better for more general muscle/joint pains and aches? The company's site makes lots of claims! Have to say, you guys always have helpful and informative videos…Thanks!

  32. needtoknow204

    You've guy's have help me improve my back pain with all the information you guys provide on YouTube!! Merry Christmas!!

  33. boon boy

    What about PEMF??

  34. Dennis Tesdell

    Nicely done, despite abuse to the helpless skeleton. QUESTION: If someone has pain due to inflammation in their joints – facets – nerves – or muscles around them, what I have always been told is that cold is best to reduce inflammation and swelling and CANNOT hurt. Heat might work, but if it doesn't work it can exacerbate the pain. SO, are you saying that this infra-red heat – by this maker or another, if it goes deep enough will do the same thing as ice (cold-gel pack) or better, or can it possibly not work, depending on the person or why they have the pain in their joints/muscles/nerves and all (they all are connected as we know)? Seriously, is this for sure, or does one have to invest in one of these nice deep penetration infrared pads and see if it works? I appreciate more clarification. Note to Brad: If you can laugh at the back massaging pad rotating at breast level, Bob can whack the skeleton. 🙂 Seems fair.

    PS: OK, I did research your videos, and in August 2017 you did a video on "Heat versus Cold?" Unless I missed something you both agreed that if one has a BACK injury and especially chronic back disc issues where there is going to be nerve, tissue, muscle and other inflammation and swelling with associated pain, cold is best and heat would be contraindicated. That is what I have with a combination of fibromyalgia, but more importantly spondololisthesis at L4-5 and an arthritic spur at L5 on the facet that barely touches the spinal nerve. Lower lumbar spine arthritis-diisc degeneration as well. Even though I have maintained things using chiropractic, PT and exercises for several years now at a low Grade 2, I don't think I want to be putting any kind of heat on it. I assume you concur, but will wait and see if you answer my burning question, and that of 2-3 others it seems. Thanks guys.

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