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  1. slay audios

    Oke guys, this combo is hella powerful and it took me a lot of time to make it, so I hope you like it 💞 ( I will also use this for myself )

    Edit : I‘ll try to upload at least 2 – 4 subs a week ( I‘m busy at school, i‘ll try to upload more during weekends and holidays ). My next sub should be uploaded tomorrow 💞

  2. Sweet One

    Are the results permanent? :3

  3. Miriam D

    I'm legit want to scream right now. My brother noticed that I've gotten skinner and he wants to know how I lost weight on my stomach because my stomach is flatter now than it was before and my lips are really soft and my hair is softer than it was before. I'm so glad I found this subliminal ❤

  4. A e s t h e t i c h l y A w e s o m e

    So I am going to update
    Started 🌸26.7.19🌸
    Day 1:
    I listened during the day and the craziest thing happened I listened for about 30 mins and ALL my scars were gone just completely gone. My pimples weren’t tho… I will listen tonight and update tomorrow!

  5. dvftgguk


  6. Myriam

    I love it and it worksss but hate the ads tho

  7. xxodeb

    are the results permanent ?

  8. Rihanna Francis

    It been a week and I was at the mall yesterday day and some guys we're starting at me I hope it was for the right reasons 😄😅

  9. Lay. Uh

    First time listening
    Rn: my stomach hurts and my arm is tightening up

  10. Alissa Nelson

    This shit works lmao

  11. evnøia.

    an ad pops up, comments scrolls up automatically and you lose track of what you read…

  12. Kyrah Ames

    Is it important to listen or watch more?

  13. Milly W

    do you have to listen to all of it

  14. Em Subs

    I listened to this yesterday like twice, and It's literally working like WOW. I'm talking to a really hot guy rn 😭🥺

  15. Torrah Dawson

    Tbh I feel like a whole different person…👀❤️

  16. Seyda Dogruyol

    Hello. I dont know english. Will it work for me?

  17. the tea is BOILING

    Let me start some VERY honest journey, because i feel like it XD, yesterday was my first EVER day to listen to subliminals. Also can domeone please respond and tell me how to make a video loop, cuz i wont to listen overnight, i tried everything yelp plz. ( i tried to make it loop by putting is in a playlist alone and press the thing thats supposed to make it loop, but i woke up at 3 am and it wasnt going on, i pu it again than it would play two times then stop, yelp pls)
    Oke so this morning i didnt see any difference, but my skin looked very smooth and clear, and before id look in the mirror and think im uglsy as fuck, but now i dont have the same opinion, i guess my confidence grew idk, also today is my second day and im listening while wrighting this lmfao, ill update tomorrow <3
    Day 3: thats the first day i actually did this in the right way lmfao, i just finished listening to this 4 times, and i didnt see any difference when i woke up this morning so ill see tomorrow <3
    Day 4: nothing, absolutely nothing, maybe just a tiny tiny lily bit my boobs, but im not sure. Im also using a booster, so i have to be patient i guess lol. Also im on spring break and my lazy ass is at hoen 24/7 so i cant describe "how the boys from school reacted" how alot off people here say about their updates lmfao. Cya tmrrow ig

  18. Katerina Salvatorex

    If you forget what this sub includes it will still work right? (I have the memory of a goldfish I'm sorry 😂)

  19. Ana Maria Popescu

    What’s the name of the second song?????


    can we listen to this for an hour? or is that too much?

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