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  1. katrina lynn

    i will forever buy nest candles there was a candle that lit on fire they are sending a replacement asked if i was ok but being a experienced candle burner i always have a metal lid close by just in case. stuff happens but customer service is key

  2. Martin M

    I love the Paul’s choice niacinamide booster. Would you choose this over the drmtlgy needles serum?. I see that it has niacinamide high in the ingredients . And after your review I’m tempted to purchase .

  3. Beauti By Angela

    Great job using up stuff! I had a MASSIVE empties last week! Crazy amount!

  4. ton de man

    Loved your empties video as always,xoxo wendy❤️

  5. Top Secret

    Yea for the puppies! They knew I was watching! lol. air kiss, air kiss, air kiss

  6. MelissaQ

    I love the Flannel! Awesome month!

  7. Iris loves life

    I love the drunk elephant vitamin C serum so much. I ration it out to myself because I I heard you mention that it's supposed to last for 48 hours. So I only use it every other day. But I just love the way it makes my skin look and feel. I'm on my third bottle now.

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