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  1. Deena

    Beautiful Risa!!!! Hi! I’ve fallen back in love with Mac Prolongwear Concealer. It may be matte but it has great coverage and doesn’t settle or move.

  2. missguitarchic

    I also love the Mac brow pen. I am not crazy about the powder side, maybe I am not using it right.

  3. mlm2167


  4. Emma Chase

    re: brow product addiction. I'm at the point of considering microblading. Paying $25 for 20 brow products is enough to get microbladed by a talented pigmentation artist for ~$500. And it is said to last 2-3 years.

  5. Veronica Salas

    Great video Risa! Tfs 😊

  6. Susan F

    You look extra gorgeous today 😘😘😘

  7. Firstname Lastname

    Your make up looks beautiful!! Please do a tutorial on how you did it.

  8. Rebecca White

    That fuchsia color is stunning on you!! You look like Makeup Artist Barbie !! 💄💖

  9. Katrina Blake

    I’ve been on the hunt for a sheer to medium foundation for dry skin for ever, and I’ve finally discovered Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation. It’s amazing on my dry skin. Only downside is the shade range is truly awful but luckily the vanilla shade works well for me. Highly recommend for dry skin x

  10. Roseanna Sasso - Schottenfeld

    Just got the Maybelline super stay because of your previous recommendation and I AM LOVING IT! 🥰

  11. Susan’s Vintage Life Beauty and More

    Hi Risa, love hearing about your favorites! Hugs, Susan

  12. Leigh Miller

    Who has two thumbs and loved this video? This girl! The eye look and highlighter you are wearing are so beautiful! Love those palettes too!

  13. sheree5j

    Try a small brush to the Milk Makeup Bronzing Stick for a nose contour
    Sonia Kashuk used to have a product, in a compact, similar to the Chanel Bronze Universal

  14. 2424hvl

    I just don't think you could get any prettier Risa:) Also, just ordered those earrings. Had to have em.

  15. linda dee

    Hello Risa :-)) Great favs 🙂 Jouer blushes are lovely, i will be taking note of that lol. oxoxoxox

  16. Loraine Mcgillivray

    I like your top – it's a really pretty colour on you. I incorporated some new korean beauty items into my routine and they're definately faves. For reference i have super sensitive/eczema prone/menopausal skin but the new brand i'm loving is Pyunkang Yul. I know they're not new but they are new to me. The essence toner, intensive moisturiser and the balancing gel are the three I've been using and loving (they do have other products for oily skin). I use retin a, a vit c serum and a vit b complex with copper peptides serum from another brand to give treatment ingredients, but the Pyunkang Yul provides excellent gentle moisturisation. I also use the hado labo premium lotion, the Iunik beta glucan serum and the soko sahada urea lotion. Layering works well on my skin and these products don't have fragrance. The Korean and Japanese brands are a new area I'm exploring and I'm finding a few gems. I haven't bought makeup this month as I'm experimenting with skin care. I do like the look of the Jouer blushes though and make put that on my xmas list. Best wishes.

  17. Tammy Roy

    Looking gorgeous in pink and stunning makeup- loving the eyes 😊
    I’ve had the Jouer blush in and out of my cart for ages but this seals the deal – next order for sure.
    I’ve had that Chanel bronzer for years after hearing/seeing Lisa Eldridge say it’s one of her all time favs – and now mine! It’s pricey but honestly lasts forever which is good because sadly I don’t think Chanel is cruelty free which means not a re- purchase for me:(
    Love your favs and fails:)
    Have a beautiful day beautiful you 💕
    Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

  18. Frebreezie Marie

    Actually if you think about the Soleil Chanel tan de Chanel, which I love, but 50? That's not bad at all since there is so much product, and it lasts and lasts, I've had mine for 3 yrs and that barely leaves
    a dent! I use mine all through the summers. Don't be scared girl, get you a dense brush but still movable (think of old foundation brush) a there you go!! Thanks for the video! 💖💕💞🎨💄💋

  19. Amy Henke

    I just bought a version of that NYX eye brow pencil yesterday. I was picking up their micro brow wiz and noticed a 3 in 1 pencil. It has the definer, filler and their version of gimme brow. The blonde color is the best blonde. I had to come home and redo my brows. So far I am loving it. The color is unbelievably natural. NYX is knocking it out of the park with their eye brow products.

  20. Tamara Morton

    That Jouer blush looks gorgeous on you.

  21. Ginny Burley

    I have also been loving the NYX Fill and Fluff lately. That crazy little brush thing works so much better than a spoolie on my brows.

  22. Holly Roemer

    I really want the Charlotte Tilbury palette! It looks absolutely beautiful 💕 great video 😊

  23. Lorraine from Miami

    Can you review some Pixi products from Target please?

  24. Amanda Smith

    Hi beautiful friend! I get so excited when I see a new video from u gal! I think ur such a beauty and I want to learn all ur beauty secrets so I can be gorgeous and youthful looking as u, I’m now newly turning 41 this past sept 10 and I’m all about finding that fountain of youth. So let me know where u found it sis lol just aggravating ya but I do want to thank ya for all the amazing videos.

  25. melissa pintone

    Hey Risa! Nice favs! I also love jouer blushes. Have the set that has 6 of them so pretty! Can you do a tutorial using the Chanel bronzer? What brush would you use? I have it but somehow I can’t make it work. 💕

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