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  1. HandbagGirl1 Silva

    Best reading ever! 🙏🏻

  2. Jim Davenport

    Loved your reading, so very hopeful. I have the same deck given to me 30 year ago from someone who passed shortly thereafter. would love to find more info on it.would you be so kind,anything you can share would greatly appreciated.

  3. joanne ortiz

    i love your reading i feel confident new week new start Thank you !!!

  4. Monalisa Barrett

    The cancer haters thumbs down video🤭but we are good! This was an amazing reading for us❤👍💃🎤thank you!!!

  5. Erica Woodruff

    Got a spiritual pull to doing a ministry but in a different way

  6. Erica Woodruff


  7. Erica Woodruff

    Yes mam. Stepping into my reason!!! Just got to learn some stuff and make some life changes for the better!!!

  8. Erica Woodruff

    I love you

  9. Tracy

    Thank you, this resonated, your intuition is much appreciated!!

  10. Carmelita Coto

    Lol yup I turn down dates often! Focused on me and better beginnings in my life in all areas, resonated, thank you! 💌

  11. Jill Zimmerman

    I needed this reading!!

  12. Angjelina Lavender

    Thank you angel 🧚‍♀️🤗😘

  13. marilyn Agco

    I claim, believe and receive everything i've prayed and give glory to God's name for this prayer is answered. In Jesus mighty name Amen🙏💕

  14. Aileen Bermas

    Love ur reading❤️Thank you for sharing dis cool good vibes 👏😁😍

  15. Julie Tigermoon

    Cottonmouth 😺

  16. Julie Tigermoon


  17. Marina Paull

    single worked hard the right soul mate

  18. Marina Paull

    since young teenage never all my family smoking all have health Problems thankyou time

  19. Marina Paull

    Don't smoke cigarettes bad for health little drink addictions water choices true real love feminine woman drained thankyou

  20. Marina Paull


  21. Marina Paull

    connection? direction taking no bs addictions thank you

  22. Marina Paull

    spot on street kids thank you

  23. J H

    Well I already have begun singing Christmas carols…… Just like always I start sometime around…. Oh July I guess

    It really annoys.. but old habits you know?

  24. realwitcha1

    Hell yea! I claim this Divine message inside of me in Jesus’s name amen. Thank you,

  25. Kathi Miller

    Good news ❤️

  26. Allay Muse

    Quality over quantity yes that is all Cancer wants .

  27. Allay Muse

    This Cancer has found her king 12 years ago my king is a Leo .

  28. Allay Muse

    Maybe pregnant with twins ? YES YES AND YES DIVINE TIME I AM READY !!

  29. spooky Gwen

    I see your dog in the background! Nice reading. 🙏

  30. Goddess Noele

    Yeessss! I have been considering going vegan!

  31. Clara Bowling

    Beautiful message thank you 🌻, resonated well.
    Blessed be 💜

  32. Mary Goodwin

    You are so on point.. Taking on the world to the point of exhaustion and now u could hurt me with a hammer… I welcome every blessing. God knows I need it ty so much brilliant reading xx💞😘❤️👌

  33. Don Cameron

    I agree with your message today!🤗

  34. Elizabeth Butler

    Defo gonna be a new relationship, my daughter is expecting a baby due within the next 12 days!

  35. Light Worker

    😂😂😂😂 who's smoking??? 👀

  36. The M fields

    All I can say is WOW!!!

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