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  1. BlueJean1019

    Emily, thanks to my beautiful mom, I have been gifted a lot of Philosophy fragrance gift sets and I absolutely love reading the messages and thinking of their meaning when I’m in the shower. They are so deep and profound! And their scents are just so lovely, i don’t know how they do it but people always comment about them. I don’t have Baby Grace, but I have many others. My comfort scents are Amazing Grace and Pure Grace, but I really love the limited edition of Pure Grace Summer Surf which is no longer available. Living Grace is just lovely too! I love the Revlon Lippie in a shade i think is called Desert, it looks good on me no matter what my makeup theme is! Regina~

  2. Jessica Freeman

    Your eye look 😍😍😍

  3. Susan Byerly

    Loved this video, you look so beautiful today. I'm on baby watch. My daughter just had her baby day before yesterday. A grandson. Can't wait to meet your new son!!! <3

  4. astro_ girl

    Emily, what is the pink real techniques brush you used for powder? I've seen these on videos and they look like dupes for the fenty beauty powder and foundation brushes, but can't find anywhere. Thanks!

  5. Gert Gerenser

    You are the sweetest! Love watching your videos 💞😘

  6. Heidi Hackbarth

    Did anyone else almost cry when she read the back of her body wash bottle or is it just me? 😭😬

  7. EL T

    Awesome video! Would you be able to do a favorite fragrances video in the future?! 😍🙌🙌

  8. Patricia Gray

    Love that Revlon lipstick very pretty on you. Autumn is such a cozy time of year. Love you Emily.♡♡♡

  9. Beauty Bulletin

    Speaking of kind & compassionate -Innocent animals should not suffer for our vanity. Choose using cruelty free.

  10. Sonia Contreras

    Hi Emily, love all your videos, when are you doing one with your mom?

  11. A New Kind of Normal

    I have really weird dreams too so you’re not alone! LOL!

  12. LaShea Kunkle

    I just love you to pieces! This video in particular is full of joy and wit, and it just makes my heart smile. Thanks for being a bright spot in my day!! ❤️

  13. Chasity Patton

    The hair sticking up is a total mood!!! 😂😂Momlife

  14. Melissa LuvsPlease

    I live on The Eastern Panhandle of WV and yesterday it was 90 degrees with the gustiest wind!!!! It was so strange and SO NOT FALL!! LOL
    Wonderful hot air blasting us in the face!! It truly made me and my baby grand daughter laugh and giggle!!

  15. Vernette Morris

    I started using that Farmacy Honey Grail serum about a month ago. I absolutely love it and have found the same results as you. I don't want to be without it!

  16. Tina Clarkson

    Emily you live, breath and smell like the quote on philosophy baby grace body wash

  17. Trisha Achenbach

    I love that dream about Bub, haha!!!

  18. Trisha Achenbach

    I bought Baby Grace eau de parfum from Amazon, loved it…used it 3 times and it wouldn't spray anymore. Had to return it.

  19. Trisha Achenbach

    Just ordered HD Arabica from Amazon. It is so pretty!!!

  20. GracefullyImperfect

    The dream… 🤣 ❤

  21. Trisha Achenbach

    Makeup looking fabulous here, Emily. Very pretty.

  22. Damaris Rodriguez

    I LOVE what it says on that Philosophy bottle! Shout it from the rooftops. 📢📢📢📢

  23. Mindy Hopper Roberts

    The "Dip N' Dab" is the new "Bend N' Snap"! 😍💅💄

  24. Lisa Dukes

    🔥🔥🔥👑 📖💒🕊🔥🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏 i got excited when i saw the bath n body Love bottle in your hand but mine is jasmine and sandalwood 😐😁😀i Still Love it Great Products today & thank u🔥

  25. Ashley l

    lol. I love that, the card is what would make you upset. true love!

  26. Cindy K

    Emily can you point me in the right direction for a long lasting lip product that won’t suck the life out of my lips. Thanks so much.

  27. Jane Blankenship

    Thank you for sharing that message. I am ashamed to say that I have owned that very bottle of Baby Grace in that size, and I have never read that message. It is so important!!!

  28. Jeanine Gimlin

    You are just the sweetest girl. Love watching you videos informative and straightforward Wishing you wonderful Baby days ahead 🎀🎀💙

  29. Jenny C

    Arabica has become one of my favorite lip colors for fall! Never heard of it until watching your video last year! Thanks for the review!

  30. QueenJ

    10:07 when you finally finish a makeup product lol.

  31. Brenda Strickland

    emily i dont want to sound ugly…i wish you did more how too makeup video then talking ..i love this eye look .theres no reference to that look ..maybe add a how too in the or maybe add the video section below your videos are mostly talking…

  32. Kristi Marie

    Revlon Arabica is kind of a rusty version of Clinique Black Honey. I need to use it more.

  33. Lory Lopez36

    Simplicity is my life especially with my skin care. I use
    CeraVe hydration cleansing bar (love it)
    IT bye bye under eye (sample) it’s ok.
    Nivea Creme with 1-2 pumps of Shea moisture 100% pure Shea oil.
    Also my brows have been growing my brows out and I feel that oil been helping them just because my brows always had taken forever to grow out. But like u said I don’t promise it’ll do the same for everyone. But this is my simple skin care. During the day before makeup less is more and the makeup lays so pretty on my face. Also I have no more dry patches on my face. Yay!

  34. Squeaky Clean

    I think you would like Nyx's matte lipstick in Euro Trash. Looks like a color for you based on what you've described. You can always put a gloss on it if you don't like the matte.

  35. helpfulnhappy


  36. SimplyToria

    Bub would be amazing on Dancing with the Stars! I really want to see this now lol

  37. Janet H

    Emily, YOU are my “comfort food” of You Tube-you give me all the warm feels, and you make me feel like, “Aaaaaah…I’m home”. 💜💜💜😘

  38. Yasmin

    Hahah that dream. I love you, you’re so sweet.

  39. Jenny Davies

    I agree with the comment that said that this is my favorite of all of your videos. There is something warm and cozy about you! So this is the perfect video for you to do 😊💖🌻

  40. Michelle Rogers

    BTW is there ANYTHING you don't look truly BEAUTIFUL IN? I love you Emily I love all you do.
    I've gotta STOP and finish your videos before buying I've done went on Walmart found now back to Walmart or physicians formula 💖😘👸🏻💖💖🤰🏻❤

  41. Jennifer Ann Fox

    I love that lip color most of all. I was just in Sephora looking for that shade in any line and ended up getting a Sephora brand lipstick very very similar called Visionary. I usually venture to pinks but this color I think really brings out brown eyes.

  42. lucy5052

    you have just beautiful skin I will do whatever you say 🙂

  43. A T-D

    Lol am I the only one that waved back. Smh love you Emily 👍👍😁

  44. Diana Hutchings

    I remember…dreams are so vivid when pregnant!!

  45. Stephanie Dorval

    Loved this video!! Could you possibly do a video about baby products you rely on? I’ve recently become pregnant and I feel like you would have some great advice as a soon-to-be mom of three!! Do I really need a baby bottle drying rack? A bottle warmer? I already feel overwhelmed!

  46. Katie Tomblin

    The revlon lippie reminds me of the clinique almost lipstick in black honey!!

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