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  1. Self Made Boss

    I don’t think she enjoyed that ring finger at all. He’s gonna be sorry one of these times.

  2. crucial yt

    Is it normal to be completely paralyzed by the adjustment?

    Doctor: yeah that's just your stupid ass fault

  3. crucial yt

    17 hrs to get bounced on a table by an overpriced SUBLUXATION observer

  4. crucial yt


  5. Ikram rukkan

    Doctor sahab aapne bilkul Pyar Kar Di Hai Abhi To Apne kaam karna hai abhi jaldi se Apna Kaam chalu Kare Na Toote dusron Ko Dikha De abhi tak aapne apni friend nahi Utha rahi kya kar rahe hai Jaldi Jaldi Chala kaam Karen abhi tu Neeche wali Mangi hai aap bhi jaldi jaldi uparwala kaam chalu karna

  6. Razz Matazz

    3:08 What noise?

  7. leeiceman1

    Huge knockers=back pain

  8. R. Mojo

    she saw Jesus

  9. Savya Konkalmatt

    I watch chiropractor videos for the plot. Anyone else?

  10. Dave

    I'll just say it, great rack!

  11. Nacho ACO

    He rushes thru.. no time for them to even register what’s going on. Slow it down Doc!

  12. SARA 99

    1:55 and 10:43

  13. Frankie Tortonesi

    She looked like she was about to cry. Her face turned beet red. I hope she feels better.

  14. ckalnicki

    Home run. $500.00

  15. Aj Lfc

    De Greg Johnson has touched more ass than any other man in the world 🤪

  16. Luke F


  17. Never give up

    Huge titts that he just loves to caress the dirty old sleeze. But she is not

  18. B Smith

    Wonder why no workers Comp maybe they wont pay big $$ and ask to many questions

  19. B Smith

    Sorry missed what’s a military spine

  20. B Smith

    I think weight reduction helps as well but I know that’s not deemed politically correct. However gravity takes it toll on joints

  21. KCon

    Maybe dont go eat Olive Garden after your appointment. Skip a few meals maybe.. That might help a little

  22. Becques Southern Arizona Explorations

    Doc I have a pimple on my ass. Yep you need a ring dinger.

  23. # ROOT

    Super HD!

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