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  1. YesItIsMyLife

    Why Shane is keep bringing this money thing???

  2. Ana Villanueva

    Dude I love your reaction but its delay 🙁

  3. Jennifer Pineda

    The reaction video is delay from your reaction because you react to parts before the video shows what they are saying just to let you know

  4. LadyKi

    in actuality… they did this roughly 5-6 months ago… considered it should take 6-8 just to launch this i assume we'll be see'ing this within the next month after part 3 is released

  5. smile everyday

    am watching this second time because of you! you are doing well keep it up!

  6. David Hennebach

    Love the reaction, man!

  7. maryann2573

    this was filmed in Feb early 2019, but yeah it took place with the controversy in May. There will be more of that in the next parts! I love your reactions!

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