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  1. Huckleberry Bear

    I was about to get the MC bundle until I watch ur video. I do agree with u, that I was overwhelmed by the whole oos saga, and when the restock was in, I was like ‘I must get the palette’ mode!! They only have MC bundled with Shane and pink double zip pouch left. I was really about to click buy until I watched ur video. U are very right, the colours itself is a little hard to combine unless mix with conspiracy palette. Thanks for ur honest reviews

  2. suzanne nottelling

    I missed out in the mini palette and it’s only selling on jeffree s website so I’m going to have to wait till next year unless I win ☝️. Sure wish an American could get me one and send it to me since taxes in Australia are high when I buy from America now we never use to have to pay tax but our government implanted it last year to stop us from buying from international places. Super sad really wanted the whole collection but the check out was broken for me so I missed out on the whole collection and also morphie has AFTERPAY but not for Australians tho. So that was so unfair because the whole collection is 500 dollars here in Australia

  3. Chasity Boatman

    I personally love the colors but I appreciate your honesty

  4. Mike & Kirsten

    I would love to see you create more looks with this palette. pllleeeaaassseee 🙂

  5. Cute Doll

    Wow the shades are amazing

  6. Ran Rae

    Lol me too I thought i had a hard time ordering the palette when in reality it only took me 11 minutes, but i was so nervous it felt like 11 years lol

  7. Loki del Rey

    I dont know why the did that pallete…i hate it…the burgundy colour is the only one that i like

  8. Deborah Brown

    I haven't been able to.get either but the mini is the one I want I dint like yellow so that puts me off but the real green shimmer in the controversy palette really draws me

  9. amanda wines

    I wanted both but could only get the mini

  10. Flauta Chux

    I only got the mini. I wasnt very excited about either but I have been a fan of Shane since the Fred is dead video and the mini has some colors that I'd like to take with me on trips

  11. Niki Apollonatos

    It looks like “my boyfriends purse “shade isn’t metallic enough

  12. K Squared

    Love this video! Just subscribed. And I weirdly don’t like the Conspiracy palette. Too many of the nudes are too similar and the bright colours (which I normally gravitate towards) I don’t like at all. I don’t like the yellow, red or orange.

    That being said, I LOVE the mini controversy palette! I ordered it and cannot wait for it to arrive. Love seeing what you did with it!

  13. Jane

    Hi, I have just used the shade 'Flat Earth' as an inner corner highlight. Yes it's matte, but it brightened my inner corners and gives a delicate tint of blue, looks gorgeous imo, and the hint of blue makes the whites of my eyes look so bright and crisp (much like a tint of blue in gloss makes teeth look whiter!) Just an idea you might want to try 🙂 x

  14. Ddem May

    I completely agree with you, i would be more inclined to buy the conspiracy pallete.

  15. Toni Rutherford

    Thankyou for the review, after hrs of trying I only managed to get the mini and it arrives tomorrow, so excited!!😍

  16. Stefanie a

    i only got the mini cause the big sold out

  17. Tyra Livingston

    I couldn't get palette so basically got wait for testovk

  18. Lunar Grey

    I got just the mini but only cus I missed the conspiracy one

  19. Lydia Inman

    I was planning on ordering the conspiracy palette all together and when the site crashed, it was still there in my cart until it updated and it said sold out. So I snagged the mini controversy because it was so pretty and I was like why not??😊 I still plan to get Conspiracy when they restock though!

  20. A College Vegan

    I was most excited for the Conspiracy. However, I couldn’t get any! I was stuck in the cart for almost three hours.

  21. heather palmer

    Hay what happened to mini breaker behind you ??🤣🤣🤣

  22. heather palmer

    I don’t think I could work with the mini palette the colours are so odd but you done well with it x it’s just a bit limited xx

  23. Gracie Vee

    I love your excitement over this whole collection, this video and the last! 💚 💙 💜

  24. Lazy L

    Vad gör du för något vad är det här varför sminkar du dig kan jag videos du är ok

  25. Lazy L


  26. Andrea Price

    omg that magnetic palette idea would be awesome, and if he sold like all the shadows he has made as a ONE time only. damn that would be awesome so we could make our own.

  27. Andrea Price

    I wanted both but I was only able to get the mini controversy. 🙁 I wanted both, but really excited for the full palette however it hurts me to see the reviews and tutorials of controversy looks since I wont be able to get it until they relaunch.

  28. reyreyfox

    Great pressed pigment application advise !

  29. mirageprincess

    Brianna Fox used Flat Earth on the lid with a cut crease look and I think that looked so pretty! Perhaps you will like it on the lid as well😊 Your look is beautiful too 💜💙

  30. kelzosweetie

    I got the mini because I wanted to support Shane and I wasn’t immediately grabbed by the conspiracy palette however I do prefer the packaging to the big palette. Love your reviews 😁❤️ xx

  31. Christine Loader

    i REALLY want both but was only able to get the mini this time around. but i think the combo of both will give you so many options. I had to get the mini cause ive been looking for a good vivid blue

  32. Eliza Nowacka

    I ordered just the Mini Controversy. For me this was just what I needed in addition to my colaction. I loved the blues and purple, and the shade My Apology is EXACLY my hair colour so it works just perfect. The Conspiracy palette did not spoke to me at all, so it is intresting to hear other opinions. 🙂 I loved that almost all of the colours are cool-toned, but this is so much more than basic cool tones and taupes which everybody has 100s of. So yeah, maybe not on it's own, but definetly just what my collection needed and that's why I loved it so much! 😀 Great look as well, blues looked perfect on you! <3

  33. Ms. Ezmirelda

    Absolutely gorgeous

  34. Andrea Hernandez

    I picked up the Mini only, because it was all that was left by the time I was able to get through on the site. I would have picked up both, otherwise.

  35. BurnBlisterPeel

    This look was beautiful!! I tried for 4 hours to buy both palettes and got neither 🙁 so, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you create a look using Diet Rootbeer as your transition shade, blended out a bit with Cry on the Couch. Then, Flat Earth on the inner half of your mobile lid, Cancelled on the outer half, and then maybe My Apology used as a liner or accent along the upper lashline. Then Diet Rootbeer on the lower lashline, and My Boyfriend's purse again as the inner corner. Hows that for specific haha. I wish I could get my hands on these!

  36. Edyta

    They should have left those shades for vol 2

  37. Emelie Lager

    Maybe that light blue shade is made to pop on darker skin…? I really love your look and I'm also realizing that this palette is like a perfect combination of Blue Blood and JAWBREAKER, which I'm always wishing that I had in a mini format…! 🤔😮 Just like you, I wish that all of Jeffree's shades will eventually be sold as singles, so that I can make a whole palette of just all of his pink eyeshadows, for example!

  38. Mona Elkateb

    This palette would be more beautiful , if it included other colors instead of the two blue colors , most people who bought this collection already had the blue blood palette , they don't need another blue eyeshadows , the first row is also too ashy for deep skin tones.

  39. Crystal A

    I didn't get the palettes at launch. But I WILL be getting it on restock. I worked launch day so everything was gone when I had time to get things. I want them just simply because of the collector aspect. I also love JSC formula.

  40. J W

    Tried to pick up one but got nothing…

  41. Jesús Vázquez

    Love the look you have come up with! I think this collection is not coherent unlike sugar blood and blue blood and I don't think I would really be able to use this shades

  42. Jesús Vázquez

    Hope you are feeling better!

  43. Slendergirl89

    Very much appreciate your honesty here. Mirror my own thoughts. Not the palette / colour story for me despite loving Shane!

  44. Lady Caticorn

    Thanks for being honest. I skipped both palettes because the color stories seem incoherent and odd to me. Your experience with the mini confirms my suspicions. You're not "being a hater" for being honest about the palette. The palettes have been SO hyped up that a lot of people felt pressured to buy and leave good reviews–this isn't helpful for people, like me, who can't buy every new palette, so we have to be thoughtful about our purchases. Jeffree and Shane did not pick out the best color stories and these palettes, esp. the mini, won't be as usable because of it. Your look is beautiful, but I wouldn't want to struggle that much with how to use the colors when I can buy a more cohesive color story somewhere else.

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