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  1. Joanna Hischke

    Your other calling in life was an interior designer. 💅

  2. Sarah

    Andrew is the best of the best, isn't he?

  3. farhan najme

    Oh gosh the background at 13:00 is killing me, i’m on headphone and i thought it’s my phone🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Tiiny Tiina

    Waaaaait Ryland Said They Go The Mirrors For The FREE????!

    Me: Still Trynna Save For One 🙄😝😫😫😫

  5. Gladis Rizo

    Can I have a ryland 🙃

  6. Haley Vera-isabella

    Called out for this

  7. Eva Faye

    the audio isn’t synced for me

  8. EvieSaleh

    james stop shaking 💀

  9. Molly Miles

    oh my goodness, shane’s skin looks amazing!! low key flawless

  10. рајштрок

    20:45 That's what she said

  11. rachel garcia

    This was a amazing transformation! You did great! The look on Shane’s face when he seen it was priceless ❤️❤️ you could see the pure happiness on his face ❤️❤️❤️ Ryland you are so awesome! I love Shane and you so much and can’t wait for the makeup videos

  12. jimmy it’s time for dinner

    This is so cute!


  13. Rachell Gomez

    shane’s skin looks so good, holy f*ck 😩🤩

  14. Beth Lemke

    Ryland you're so talented you should do interior decorating you're amazing… I would love some make-up or to be put on a pr list… I love you as a couple & I'm so happy for you…🌈💗💜💛💙🌈

  15. Kelsey Wardell

    Ryland you should make a series of designing stuff. Your good and it would be hella entertaining.

  16. chelsea newell

    2019 shane: the new jeffree star
    2019 ryland: the new mr kate

  17. Alison Parton

    omg i love this! cant wait to do a beauty room in my house! <3 love the style! i really hope shane gives you your own room/thing and we see him do it up

  18. Louis Smallman

    Who is this new like architect ryland 😂❤️

  19. Linsey Vander Plaats

    This is great Ryland! You’re amazing! Jeffree will be proud! Love y’all! Can’t wait till Shane and Jeffree’s series comes out!

  20. sandfirestar

    bitch James stop shaking best line ever oml

  21. Diana Montesdeoca

    couldn't you get a grey or white chair instead of a ugly brown chair, the chair does not go with the room yet you color the walls which was kinda the same color and you want everything to match………..

  22. spunkyfrog22


  23. storm builder

    Shane is not uploading on his channel no more

  24. taylor speth

    Damn you really did your thang sis ! I love it 😍

  25. Louis Smallman

    Sorry it took so long for me to get here but I just had like 5 mental break downs and I feel much better

  26. Amber Pendered

    Shane your skin is looking amazing keep going 😂❤️

  27. Instagram CLIPS

    Who are the f*ckers that thumbs down this kind of video???

  28. yesenia garcia

    PIGGY PALET???????????

  29. mallorie ryan


  30. Melissa Paige

    All the blurred out stuff was Jeffree 😍 lucky Shane. He had like everything lol

  31. Lovelyn Cave

    so sweet

  32. Mandy Elliott


  33. Marita Yellowhammer

    Shane’s reaction was SO ADORABLE!!

  34. tavian byrd

    12:47 thats the face I make after I order and it free shipping

  35. Sandra Aguilar

    Omg, you’re so a cute adorable boyfriend! What a beautiful room!!!!! You did such a great job! Also the way you shot the video and edited was great!

  36. Teagan Davis

    SHANE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BEEN FOUR MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Lindsey Geddes

    Ryland you are a millennial Christopher Lowell!!! Great Job!! Love watching your videos because there is so much love!

  38. SasserN8

    Great job, Ryland…..I need to get a Rich Lux candle, the house!!!!

  39. Ellie Palmer

    RYLAND!! YOU👏🏻FUCKING👏🏻KILLED IT👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻do mine next!!!!!😂

  40. Matthew Polendo-Luevanos

    Ryan makeover my room please!!!!!!!!!

  41. WHO AM YOU

    If Shane or Ryland ever sees this Shane should name his brand conspiracy theories cosmetics

  42. T xo

    The mirrors covered in fingerprints pained me! 🤪🙈

  43. iris roelofs

    "It looks faker than I would like it to be"

    Me looking at most of the people from my school: same

  44. Carrie W

    Dirty mirror is triggering

  45. Trisha Maybe

    The wallpaper sheen can look different depending on which way it is hung which could be why they look different.

  46. Vadim Gruzdev

    I don't want Shane being a freaking Beauty Guru.. da faq!!!!!!!!!

  47. Joud Alsaqr

    I want to see the bathroom

    Btw like Ryland CAN YOU DESIGN MY ROOM

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