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  1. Beth Jade

    I had a baked potato for dinner oh no failed already

  2. Nasib Khan

    im pakistani and my Wight 57 kg plzzzzz halp me and im 19 yers place reply

  3. Paul L. Rogers

    I love Cize. I think it's one of the best programs from Beachbody! I lost most of my 100 pounds doing his workouts! T25 is cool too. Insanity is insane but fun. Cize is, well. The best fun you can have working out. Way better than Zumba!

  4. Priya

    Dr Oz dancing was soo funny and cringey at the same time. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  5. Boomzly

    watches while laying in bed eating a bag of hot cheetos Jk I lost 14LBs in 10 Days!! It's on my channel. (:

  6. Bobby Jellis

    And he like a clone to will smith

  7. Bobby Jellis

    Shaun t is the best fucking exercise coach period he is the goat

  8. Adnan A

    It’s nice seeing Dr. Oz and his wife together

  9. Michael Roberson

    its not insanity its madness

  10. Saima Bano

    Awsome video , love it❤

  11. Jake Romero

    If you eat more than what your body needs per sitting, you gain fat.

  12. Weight Loss Yes You Can Do

    Dr OZ and his guests are the best, Shaun is the man… Just launched my YouTube channel because I was inspired with his TV show, trying2to inspire others

  13. B V

    That's insanity! 😉

  14. Tyshawithawhy Thomas

    That dog on Shaun T 😂😂😂 awesome

  15. Vincent Otano

    W.e way you do it.. there is no wrong way when it comes to losing weight if your just doing it naturally, bravo Dr. Oz for showing people the healthy lifestyle and possibly changing someone outlook on this

  16. Liza R

    I have my doubt with this cize concept

  17. Liza R

    Dumbest moves I ever seen saun t
    Do. Very disapointed in him.
    He did so much better with his insanity program.

  18. Vanett77

    I just love Shaun T! He's helped me to shed over 100lbs with his DVD's

  19. Low cal Life

    Love Shaun t!

  20. Thuy Nguyen

    I think Lisa is a good dancer

  21. Frank Lin

    Lie #1 = You need to exercise to lose weight.

  22. Mc lovin

    Love that dr oz and his wife are both invovled,very cute couple.

  23. KETO Diamond Channel

    I lost 125 pounds by eating keto. I really should work out once in a while, but I never have 🙂

  24. Ansari Ji

    sir plz make a video on remove of forehead hair
    plz plz

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