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  1. Cathy Garcia

    I love how he is so hands on with his clients but still so appropriate and respectful. Such a perfect balance! And obviously an amazing trainer 👌🏻👍🏻

  2. Wifey88 Aguila

    This was awesome 👏🏽 great job

  3. Wifey88 Aguila

    Booty King 👑

  4. Terra Metric

    Where can I get the red band and the green bands that she used with the pull ups and the hip thrusts work outs?

  5. O Love

    The hyperextending on the deadlift..

  6. Angelina flores

    👍👌💪🏼 you guys awesome

  7. Adamaris Gonzaga

    Could you do a video on lower belly fat? 😭

  8. Gaby Soto

    She’s looking slim. My daughter’s name is Destiny too 🥰 I call her Des. Keep it up girl

  9. Shamima Khanam

    I absolutely love how inspiring you are!

  10. Vi Dao

    Is running a mile a day as a warm up before the work out enough cardio?

  11. CentralFLife

    I also forgot to mention about slow cookers. Those things are amazing for easy meals. They even have bluetooth/wifi ones that you can turn on/off while being out.

  12. Sanders

    You go girl ! I’m a mom of two and my littlest one is 2 oldest 7 ! Pregnancy does a beating to your body especially cardio and endurance! Keep it up your doing great ! Just push everyday 🥰🥰🥰

  13. cheurfa soria

    Hey how are you, you have a great content. I need your recommendation, which video do you recommend I believe my metabolism is normal. But usually when I train I loose weight which doesnt suit me I don t do too much cardio . But I have a fatty butt, and a bit of lower stomac. So I d like to have a smaller waist and maintain or get my butt bigger which actually desappear when I train. Help .

  14. Rosario S. Herrera

    I love how dedicated Janet is💗💗💗💗

  15. jasmine hall

    Those split squats or elevated reverse lunges are effective but challenging I love them

  16. Eleana Vara

    I need a trainer like this near me 😫

  17. Lex BakesALot

    It doesn't look like she is breathing when her muscles are active and this used to make me nauseous as well!!

  18. Niki and Yaki

    I struggle with deadlifts 😭 I feel like my form is wrong

  19. hi hello

    Did she throw up?

  20. Cristina Rivera

    Hola me gustaría que me dijeras cómo marcar mi abdomen tengo una hernia yo pesaba 170 y en pese a Correr 🏃‍♀️ y perdí 50 pero se perdí mis pompas 😒 tengo músculos en mis piernas pero quiero recuperar mis pompas y quiero marcar mi abdomen gracias por tus videos espero tu respuesta

  21. liz alcala

    She looks skinner already 😍 you can tell on her face and stomach area

  22. Amber Crim

    Go JANET! Been here from transformation video 1!! I hope your shopping spree was amazing!!

  23. Emelymarros

    You can really see the difference in her face of the weight she’s been losing !! Good job guys !!!

  24. Jasmin Huerta

    How many sets did Janet do for the Dead lifts you didn't mention it and I follow your plan to the tea. Also can you post on your IG or IG stories what quad extensions and banded crab walks are please.

  25. David and Danielle Rosales

    Is there a way to do dead lifts with a cable machine? I don't have a gym membership but I do have a Bowflex type machine

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