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  1. Maomao

    bringing my dad back to sheffield at the end of the year! he was a student in the 1970s. I wanna bring him back before he gets too old to travel. Thanks for the video for ideas on what to do

  2. Ahmed Obed

    Amazing place for living and study

  3. Kaneki Amano

    Anyone know the song used in this video?

  4. Sean Harmon

    It’s all about that 3am Flavours order

  5. S_Qian

    I really want to go to university here 😩 might apply through clearing

  6. Barberasredhair

    Maybe geographically central but culturally definitely northern…thank God

  7. Jean Jacques Ndjeyeha

    Bonjour jolie video

  8. megagamer


  9. Monkeytube

    Holly flip my last name is Sheffield

  10. Little Owl Loves

    Great vlog! I keep meaning to create some videos around Sheffield and all the great things there are to do here 🙎 What is Paula's YouTube channel? 🤷

  11. Steve Bradley

    I lived there for over 20 years. Nice to see Kelham Island has been smartened up. Was definitely not a place to hang around at night!

  12. Bluebunny1

    I really recommend vulgar it’s a lovely shop for people who love alternative clothing!

  13. HollyBlossom

    love the emphasis on vegan/ vegetarian options around the city 🙂

  14. Hen Sitter

    Excellent snapshot of my adopted city.

  15. Margaret Drury

    And home to joe cocker and Dave Berry,and the meadows band.

  16. Marcus Wilson

    Why am I watching a video on the city I live in 😂

  17. Mason_ftw3118

    I live there 😂

  18. Chris Stacey

    Came here to study 22 years ago – still here! Brilliant city. Wish you'd shown some of the Peak district though – it's minutes away from the city centre and the reason so many climbers and lovers of nature make this place home. 🙂

  19. Ian Dodds

    What about the Blades?!

  20. Xventrixx YT

    This is a great place to live in

  21. Carlos Koga

    Didn’t even know all that existed in Sheffield and i live here 🤦‍♂️

  22. Rob Scothern

    Excellent video production.

  23. Owen Russell


  24. Juan Jose Giraldo G. Chepe1987

    Great video! thanks for sharing!

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