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  1. Flo Wolf

    Is no one gonna talk about how hudas concealer just swept that pigment? What is that heavenly product??

  2. saladsnowflakes

    My two faves !!

  3. Kat

    It's pronounced "Hooda" or "Huda"?

  4. Tarran Lourena

    Huda is a sultry queen

  5. Tarran Lourena

    Nikki looks like royalty

  6. mubeena karimi

    Hudabeauty?? Methebeauty!!

  7. Mansi Mohan

    how much did she contour?? layers of contour. did she even put foundation? all i saw was concealer and contour

  8. Megan Kamp

    Lucy Lou is great in that movie. I like that one too

  9. Lizzy Thompson

    She took her make up off and he sued her omfg 😂 I can’t

  10. Bode Malih

    Huda is so niceeeeeeeeee and sweet while nikkie is a hoe

  11. Anna Kobulia

    i hate the yellow background and how close you are to it i get it you aren't in a studio but still it's disturbing

  12. Paty Q.

    Huda es preciosa..

  13. sharyar mughal

    You both locking so cute

  14. Shaylee Garrison

    Fuck huda

  15. Mary Rose Barbosa


  16. Crisbania Marcela Castro Torrez

    Nikki beautiful ;-)♣★♥♥

  17. santosh shah1122

    Nice pic

  18. Ana Gutiérrez

    Wooowww!!!! ❤️😍😘

  19. Maryum Salman

    I love you both….n u both are my favourite…huda look amazingly pretty without makeup….😙😙😙😙love that video bcz my 2 favourite person in 1 video❤❤❤

  20. Naina kazmi

    Nikiiii love uuuuu

  21. typical teen

    i love huda and her makeup but the homophobic comments she has made in the past were totally unnecessary

  22. Sham Bourjas

    You both are so pretty ❤️

  23. Alexis Jean Lao

    Huda mentioning her love for the 60s made me want to watch Lisa Eldridge's video with her. That was such a beautiful look.

  24. Maleeha katib

    looking back in 2018-honestly Huda looks so gorgeous here without all the fillers n surgeries!!!!!

  25. Angen Altiman

    NIKKI WAS ONLY 21 SO NOW SHE'S 24 wuuuuuut

  26. Art

    Damm 3 yrs ago lol

  27. geyi lollen

    Waooohhh…..what a combo😍sooo much in love with u guys….especially huda❤

  28. Ms Beautiful

    I look back on this video compared to your newer vids and there is something different about you! Did you do something to your lips?!

  29. ali aldirawy

    كمية الجمال بهذا الفيديو 😂😂😂

  30. hm ill keep it anonymous

    When she mentioned samara (ring girl) i legit turned off my phone

  31. Miss Saimat

    Huda my favourite forever

  32. Shreshta Shiny

    Can someone take a moment and look how much contour huda is using over and over again. 😂😂


    I think nikki's ring noises was actually from the Grudge lol I could b wrong tho

  34. hashtagmate


  35. ام ازل

    الفديو كله بكفه وضحكة هدى بيوتي بكفه شككككد رائععة هالانسااانه ياربي بنت العراق فديتهه😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Catalina Aman

    Nikkie lost so much weight ❤️

  37. Aliza Sayyed

    Nikkie you are so cute

  38. Daixy_Aestheticzz

    Nikkie You're so pretty and Lucky i wish i was as talented as you! You have inspired me with makeup and have taught me a lot.
    Ty 🙂

  39. Riwa Aboud

    I'm watching in 2018. Nikkie was 21 in 2015. And we are 2018. So 21 +3= 24. Nikkie is 24 like wtf!

  40. Isabell Lankut

    Did anyone else noticed that Nikki was using a brush

  41. Viktoria D. •

    nikki where is your tatoos???

  42. Madrid T.

    Awww she’s the sweetest

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