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  1. Destiny Canas

    I had a few lumps but they went away. But my breasts have been warm and I am really worried. Pls help.

  2. Rija Ghori

    I have very strong pain in my breast is it breast cancer??

  3. hahaha hehehe

    Can you get breast cancer at 14

  4. Random Account

    Is little bumps or pimple like spots on your nipple normal?

  5. Yvng Masa

    lets be honest we are all here because we feel a lump or something and we're worried as fuck

  6. I_like_zebras_

    I kinda think I have some of these symptoms because my nips itch a lot and it’s peeling and I have red lines and marks around them….. I’m scared to tell my mom…

    I AM 13!!!!

  7. education comes first

    wow im so relieved tmr my mom is going to see if she has breast cancer i prey to god she doesnt

  8. iTRY_ Mash

    my mom is sick she sweats a lot at night n she said she collapsed a few times 😭 please pray for us coz i cant lose her i dont know my real dad but i have a step dad n just know here for everyone who has or thinks they have cancer❤️

  9. Mistyrainbow101

    Hey op I have all the symptions and I've noticed the lumps in my breasts have gotten bigger. Wtf should I do? I don't want to tell my mom.

  10. •purple_moon•

    im 12 and i have some of these symptoms

  11. Psycho Gaming03

    How about when you touch your breasts you feel pain. Always?

  12. Gamer Girl

    I have bumbs in my armpit and rash In my breast

  13. Natasha Christoper

    can someone help me I have very extremely pain in my left breast and the pain goes to my shoulder armpit arm and my back..I dont know what to do im 19 and im so scared..but breast seems normal but I feel something hard inside my breast and whenever I touch it hurts..anyone?

  14. iiGraceeii

    My mom or my moms mom have not had breast cancer

  15. Maryam Saeed

    I’m to scared to tell my mom or the doctor

  16. Maryam Saeed

    I’m 12 i dont have any of these but my nipples are like kinda cracked and has this white stuff in them I’m so scared😭😭😭😭😭💔

  17. Lotanna

    I have a lump and I’m really really scared like I’m actually crying rn…

  18. Libby Price

    A few days ago, I hit my boob weird but now there is a lump in it.. my armpits have been hurting, and so had my boob… I hope it will just heal?? But I’m still worried

  19. Flyingpig Arts

    I think I have cancer but I’m too scared to tell my mum
    Ok nvm

  20. Just Pikachu 010

    If your grandma has breastcancer?

  21. brookxxs.block

    I guess I have cancer.

  22. Starlise Jun.from.17

    I have a lump in my breast and I'm so scared. I'm only 15 and breast cancer runs in my family. 😢 I told my mom and she said it's serious and tomorrow I'm going to the doctors. I'm crying right I think I'm gonna die soon. 😢 I hope I don't but still I might die before my mom and that just makes me sad.

  23. Dr ranjana kaushal

    go jal is very much effective in breast cancer. in planet Ayurveda also we recommend go jal to our patients

  24. Hailey Brook

    I have cancer…

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