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  1. A F

    Been using for a few months now and I love it! Cleans like a dream! I keep another sponge on hand (sonia kashik) and use it to smooth things out instead of the bottom part of this sponge and both are so easy to clean and reuse…this will save money and cleaning time!

  2. Karen

    This thing is horrible. Wish I wouldn't have bought it. Back to the Beauty Blender!

  3. CelloAfterDark

    If they don’t put it on amazon, I probably won’t buy it. Unless I can find it in person!

  4. Kristen Landon

    I rofld at “ohhh my god, it’s growing…” 😂
    The way she said it was just too perfect.👌
    I wasn’t even trying to be dirty!! 🤣🤣

  5. Misty Wade

    Omg I'm crazy about washing my sponges too. Like how could someone use it over and over and not wash it!? Wash itevery day people! Tip-wash foundation brushes with soap then use some conditioner on it….. you'll be amazed at how much more foundation comes out.

  6. fozia sultani

    I ordered mine in March 2019
    Didn’t receive my item but a card has been left to my address today (26/06/2019) saying that this item have Custom charge on it, which is more than half of the price of the sponge.
    Never ordering anything from them again 😡

  7. Serena Juryn

    @Tati , do you still use this? how has it held up? Considering ordering it.

  8. elaine liao

    BE CAREFUL❗️❗️
    Super Sponge will NEVER reply CANCELLATION/RETURNING emails‼️ I have sent out tons of emails since the second day purchased the order, NOTHING heard back from them.

  9. Positively Udo

    Mine just came in the mail and I love it. Throwing out my beauty blender

  10. Samane Privar

  11. Kaylani Guerrero

    Congrats on 10 mil 🎉

  12. J L H

    My beauty sponge has only just arrived and had to pay £15 in extra charges not good 🙁

  13. Lacey Ann

    Mine finally arrived to Australia today and I’m so excited to try! I ordered late March and just got it 🤪

  14. Abells Ann

    I loved this video, it’s just what I needed today. Thank you

  15. Marina Slovak

    Tati your personality is so cute!!! Could you please be the Mom I never had

  16. Crystal Munoz

    So I ordered this on March and it finally arrived today ❤️😭

  17. corrine alexander

    I love Tati so much but I swear sometimes I feel like Steven Tyler could be her dad they look so alike when her makeup is on BEFORE she does eyes etc. lol

  18. Mj Colastre

    I ordered this sponge right after I watched this video like march 15 this year but up until now I still don't have it.

  19. Amy

    finally got this sponge after months of anticipation and it absolutely sucks. thanks for the horrible recommendation. its like using a rock for blending foundation.

  20. Brittney Nechole

    Literally so stuck on the omg I got this wet and now it’s growing. 😂

  21. Prince Simmer

    Spongebob coming for gurus wig

  22. Karen Fathollahi

    Finally received my super sponge today! So excited! Curious if you are still reaching for it? 🤔

  23. Sina Wonderful

    This is the funniest and most entertaining I have seen you to date. I liked it! 🌸🌸🌸

  24. Archie McGhee

    6:18 Tati using love island quotes 😂

  25. Emily Is Cool

    Tati I love this video!! Its so lighthearted and fun! Thank you 💞💞

  26. Brittnie Northcutt

    So, which one is really the BEST in your opinion? Beauty Blender, SuperSponge or the Memory Foam Sponge?

  27. Angela _

    do you still use the super sponge sometimes? 😊

  28. Sarah Machado

    I want one of these so bad and I ordered one online thru this company I got a PayPal conformation and everything but it’s been two months and no word about shipping or processing anything…. it’s been two months. 😞

  29. Jessica Nelson

    Tati are you still using this sponge??

  30. Peppi Gel

    Do you still use this and like it? I struggle so much with the sponges, love the idea of this one! PS: Would love to send you one of our dip powder kits!

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