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  1. Candi Cane

    Awesome!!!!!! Got me thinking!!! Thanks for the great info

  2. Silvana Barba

    What is the color of your lipstick

  3. Donna Norris

    What am I doing – sitting and knitting watching this video – and its good for me! Plus its relaxing and a rewarding hobby.

  4. jean campbell

    This not about weight ,but I had to let you know how much I like your hair. It does make you look younger and there for maybe thinner. Like your topics, thank you.

  5. Patricia Lockhart

    I love gardening! There's always something to do. Weeding, deadheading flowers, picking up pine cones, planting . …. My best all round exercise is sweeping the driveway, front porch & back deck. Doing this in the sweltering summer months also promotes copious sweating- natures detox😎🤙

  6. nancyhorio

    Beautiful earrings!

  7. Sally previde

    I garden and love it! I’m 70 and it is what keeps me active. I now have an organic vegetable garden and love eating the harvest!

  8. TheDriftwoodlover

    You made me realize one thing I do will change if I downsize after retiring. For years, I've kept up with laundry by doing a load a day so I do the basement stairs a few times daily. I also pop down there to check my dehumidifiers spring/fall/summer. This is good info Margaret. Need to add a few minutes of yoga to my mornings.

  9. cubomania3

    Or take walks. Buy a treadmill. Join a gym. Much better than remembering to be restless.

  10. Patricia Muir

    Although I sit at my desk throughout my day, I do get up to go downstairs for water refills. I’m up and down a flight of 10 steps about 5 times a day. I can go up and down 3 times in 5 minutes when I keep forgetting something as I go out the door🤣. I believe it’s my brain’s way of tricking me into exercise. 🤪. I carry a business tote when I am visiting clients – my laptop gives me some weight bearing exercise. When I take transit into Toronto, I walk to my appointments rather than taking the Subway. That’s often a 20 to 30 minute walk both ways. I am convinced that I have very slow metabolism because even though I do not eat meat, drink one coffee and then water the rest of the day, and rarely eat treats, I am still struggling to maintain healthy weight since my 50’s. I’m struggling with my yoga practice lately and considering looking for something else to “kick up my heels” and boost my metabolism.

  11. PLUME 1

    Great info! Fitbits are great for measuring this. The length of your earrings is very flattering on you with your the currrent length of your hair.

  12. pamela hirst

    How do we Gain weight after 60 ? Thanks again for your posts. Much Love.

  13. Joarn Shand

    YOU look stunning. GREAT colour on you. Thanks for the sharing

  14. missmayflower

    Love your colours today! You look lovely. Thanks for your great videos. I just realized that I keep a quiet house now, but when I used to play music I would be dancing and moving all the time while housecleaning or whatever. I was trim then.

  15. Patricia Britton

    I have started working at the gym some. I try not to get to guilt ridden if there are days I do not go but my laundry room is out off my car port so I do have to walk to that and also now that it is getting cooler here in Tucson Az I can start taking walks. otherwise we have to walk indoors during the summer the most since It can get up to 110 degrees at times. I always enjoy listening to you Margaret. You are such a sweet person and can lift peoples spirits. Be grateful every day and staying positive is so very important. God bless you.

  16. TaDarling1

    I used to walk several miles a day to get in my 10,000 steps but during really hot and humid days (or rainy days), that became a bit problematic. Now I use walk at home videos on YouTube and do things like grocery shop twice a week instead of once a month. I park at the back of the lot and walk to and from the store. Also, you'd be surprised how many steps you do just walking around the store aisles. I also purchased a Fitbit device which reminds me to move 250 steps every hour for 8 hours. I walk to and from the laundry room, or kitchen or basement and it all adds up. I also break up my house cleaning into daily chores that keep me moving throughout the day. Today I'll vacuum the living room, tomorrow the dining room, etc. Regular movement has become somewhat second nature for me now.

  17. Clara

    Great video very helpful Margaret I've just this minute got back from a dog walk and saw this! 👍💖

  18. cindy j.

    Interesting topic! I walk daily and go up and down stairs in my house even though I don't have to! I do exercise regularly, practice yoga, and lift weights. I always carry the heavy bags in from the grocery store even though my husband offers to. Margaret, you look so lovely today!

  19. Margo McFaul

    Very encouraging. Take more steps and stairs. Rocking movement.

  20. SunnyBlueSand

    This is good info…remember to work your heart too though, it is a muscle.

  21. Jane Smyth

    I vividly remember my parents telling me to sit still or to stand still. In all honesty in a line up for something, for example at the grocery store, I find I sometimes am annoyed by people who do not just stand still and quiet wait their turn. And other times it doesn't bother me if they fidget, I tend to stand quietly still so not to bother anyone.

  22. Diane Greyson

    No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.

  23. Francine Byrd

    I am a Life Coach and I walk around my house when I am coaching on the plone🥰☮️🌻

  24. Rosey C.

    Margaret: I LOVE how relevant your topics always are! We NEEDED someone to address all our issues, not just talk endlessly about how to "appear younger", or try to turn back the clock. That is an effort in futility. Everything you discuss is regarding ALL the problems/issues we face at our age…there are many. I'm so glad it's about fashion and beauty, BUT, not just that alone. Thank you so much for all you do for us; you are a blessing and so very soothing! 🙂 Rosemarie xo

  25. Olwyn N

    Thank you Margaret.Always interesting. 30lbs that would be nice. 🎯🇦🇺🌺

  26. peanut butter

    Love your videos. You are so beautiful! You give me hope getting older!

  27. Barbara Von Eitzen

    I’m going to try this. What do I have to lose. 😊

  28. Terri

    Do you have a television? Sometimes I think I’d like to toss mine. Of course now I have my iPhone I could resort to. : )

  29. Patrica Rameriz


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