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  1. FromBeToReality


  2. Kelly Bo Belly

    You guys are amazing. Thanks for the information and reminders. It's so helpful.

  3. Meet Ishaan

    i feel sad for those who Dislike this kind of videos.. amazing people amazing world.

  4. queertales

    Love your videos. I would love to see you do one on posture for artists and illustrators. It's easy to have bad posture when sitting hunched over a desk for hours on end drawing, and there is not a lot of information on it out there on good ergonomics for artists.

  5. 1965startrek

    Please talk about recliners. Especially big over stuffed kind. Husband has a lift recliner. Back hurts.
    Notice newer lift chairs have adjustable headrest & lumbar . Will this help? Any suggestions? Bet lots of people need advice?

  6. ilan katz

    It would be helpful if you reveal your assumption/definition of what a good posture is and what is the mechanism of changing the posture . According to my understanding, the pelvis is the"engine" of all movements.

  7. A Lovely Life With Luna

    You guys make me laugh so much.. all the micro-tangents you guys go on… my favorite line in the video (regarding the lumbar support in the car) “if you have a Protruding buttock” 🤣🤣

  8. I-LoveJesus More

    I stopped using a chair at work and replaced it with a stool. My desk is one that can be raised and I alternate sitting and standing all day long. I’ve had back pain since last year and is gradually getting better. Sitting for long periods of time is the worse thing to do for your back health. Unfortunately, I developed a L4-L5 disc bulge and had to learn the hard way! Thanks Bob & Brad for sharing very important info on how to prevent back injuries!!

  9. Dayle Gibson

    Hi, just wondering if remaining static at a stand up desk for long periods of time could lead to other types of strain and how you could deal with it

  10. aznpowerdaniel

    I always sing along to y’all’s intro! 😂😂😂

  11. ThePaulfullTruth

    Back-hip spasm. Bent over for two days+, back as weak as a baby, unable to roll over in bed unaided. Remembered to use the big ball to do back bends and side bends. Terribly painful at first, before the muscles relax, but after the first two sessions, one at night, the other the next morning, able to stand straight and pain gone. If I go sit down "normally" again, I'm sure the major clutching pain and spasming of the muscles will return. Bending backwards and sideways on the ball, as the muscles slowly return to their unstressed state, for the next few days, is the solution for me. The stool in the video is the key for me. No more sitting low in a "Normal" chair. I have been using a raised desktop for years, but still using the normal chair is a killer for me. Too much sitting is the enemy of the human back…

  12. Debbie B

    Bob and Brad …….I could use some help here ……
    I'm looking for good physical therapist , what way can I found them ????
    We've so many therapist in the area , not sure what to look for .
    thank you if you can help me in this situation .

  13. MARTA

    Thanks! Eu sou brasileira, entendi 70% do vídeo, vou tentar fazer, eu estudo 12 horas por dia, minha coluna não está suportando.

  14. Cathy W

    Very entertaining

  15. Anu Menon

    Omg thankyou so much for this.. I have been asking my dad not to sit without lumbar support.. and usual he just didn’t take me seriously 😐 !!
    I showed him this video and he goes.. Oh..I get your point..
    He has been suffering from a bad back for ages now.
    Keep up the good work guys.. love from India..

  16. KCCAT5

    I so need that new mattress. I have horrible back pain herniated disc sciatica and I have a mattress that came with a pillow top which I absolutely hate. Pillow tops can't flip the mattress over so it sags on one side

  17. Manuel Ferreira

    Can physical therapy cure a varicocele? I really need help. Thanks.

  18. Missy Nur

    Be careful…you are making the cat people upset😁

  19. Bevin Allison

    I'm. Sorry but the jobs I've had where I've had to tamd I've been in extreme foot pain after about 1 hour. And I still always had to look down whjx wasn't great for m posture. However u can adjust ur computer screen when siting to the appropriate hight, which has been demonstrated by science and have a good posture. Also, I'm guessing many of ur viewers are in wheelchairs or have scoliosis and literally can't stand up correctly and at times can't sit correctly so being forced into stuff is counterproductive. Plus any car I've been in that has cushions in the small of my back have made it hard for me to breath do to the positions they stick me in and I leave the car stiff and in pain. I literally need a booster seat to by pass them and raise myself away form them. My posture is great. I ride horses so it is mandatory to be as symmetrical and straight as posible so is the issue really forcing oneself into posture with equipment or just staying in shape and working on posture as u finally kind of so at the end.of this video. Really disappointed in these obvious videos for paid sponsors u do versus a true review with no compensation.

  20. zambot3

    Just use a rolled towel . Answer for everything

  21. Maureen Gannaway

    Protruding buttock😂😂😂😂 my Sat is starting off right. I need a rolled up towel for my back 😖 thanks B & B 😊

  22. Hewan Ormson

    "We're going to put a plug in for a desk". Well, it is electric!

  23. Ger Kerkhoven, PtP Nordic Health Fitness

    Mention for a good active sitting position; 4 x 90 decrees!

  24. Ger Kerkhoven, PtP Nordic Health Fitness

    B&B Marketplace:
    Sleep OvAtIOOOOOOOOOOOn!!!
    Why Bob whyyyyyyyyyy?? 😃🤑👍

  25. Mr. Physio 호주물리치료사

    Most of all, don't sit on your sit bones! where your hamstring tendon is attached. you don't want to compress the tendon against the hard sit bone. if it's rubbed all the time, you may develop tendon issues. Tendons don't like compression

  26. Moggridge

    Brad, look! That's SO cool!


  27. Amber Smith

    “Are some gas powered? “🤣😂 that part almost just gave me some nostalgic memories of Whose line is it Anyway. Great videos!

  28. Mick Lagler

    Hey guys, love your channel…so very helpful. I have a tech tip for you…those headset mics you're using sound bad…very tinny and scratchy. Look into getting a brand/model called DPA 4088…not too expensive and can be used with your current wireless system by just adding an adaptor for the plug. You also need the little foam filter that goes over the mic…it stops the popping sound when you use too many P words. Then you guys will sound a million bucks. Check them out on Google…easy peasy.

  29. First Arrow

    Great video

  30. Adnan A

    I have a problem with bad posture 🙁

  31. xchion ali

    'Are some gas powered?' What a good laugh that gave me 😂

  32. S. Alex

    Love them 😂


    Thanks guys I usually don't comment but decided it is time I did. I think you're both great. I sit all day in a pick-up truck so this last year I started using a small inflatable pillow behind my lower back. What a difference it's made. I also raised the monitor of my computer at home so the lower rim of the screen is just below eye level when sitting at my desk. Love you both and your videos always make me smile and learn something new each time. Keep them coming I am a fan : )

  34. Miss Dee

    Thanks Mike!👋

  35. tarek hosny

    so much fucking chitchat!!!!

  36. Sam Weezer

    7:44 Press-ups are the best advice for reversing the back weakness/c curve issues.

  37. Patty Cake

    My chair at work is two milk crates. Real nice place to work. I guess we are not suppose to sit, but there isn't much to do exept load up some coolers, dust and deal with customers. My butt, back and neck always hurt. I have a cution to sit on but it don't help.

  38. charity grace

    Thanks for your videos, and may God richly bless you.

  39. Smile Smile

    Motorized desks are worth the extra pay. I bought a regular spring loaded one but it was still way too heavy regardless. Esp for soneone w chronic pain.

  40. andreikali9

    You guys are too funny together!

  41. Mariza Abdalla

    Your videos are always fun to watch and very helpful. Thank you. 😃

  42. TheGalCantHelpIt

    7:15 – lol!

  43. Seattle Montalvo

    Thank you so much for making my pain go away in so many places, you are not only helping me but also the children.

  44. Jody L Johnson

    Why BOB why???😵

    "Sit up straight!"

    Boy…. y'all should be in the commercial business…. you would be great 😉

    And…. y'all get closer and closer to fixing that broken heart 💔

  45. Jody L Johnson

    Why BOB why???😵

    "Sit up straight!"

    Boy…. y'all should be in the commercial business…. you would be great 😉

    And…. y'all get closer and closer to fixing that broken heart 💔

  46. Lost Soul

    Thank you guys for making videos.

  47. About Creativity

    Very good.

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