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  1. neo06m2003

    I recommend doing new year resolution video for new comers! This is great opportunity for everyone to ascend into the new year!

  2. Dalton Kelley

    Where do you get your dragon ball wigs

  3. CateDoge

    Wtf. How is his dead and dl real close to bench? Strong bench.

  4. Suede Swigga

    Reverse dieting!!! Need that puzzle piece. And also that background music. 🔥

  5. Bruno Salazar

    Do you tend to do a cut phase with clients before going into lean bulk?

  6. Jay

    Love these videos. Reverse dieting video would be interesting

  7. BigBoyy

    Congrats for the guy. The thing which breaks me is the fact that I'm skinny fat. I am thinking of losing the fat via dialling my macros, But I don't have enough strength. I fear that if I cut I will look like a twig. If I bulk I will look like a pregnant man!

  8. kikkirow

    Amazing transformation! Great job

  9. Dillon McConaha

    Do you help people in the military?

  10. Leonard Borisoff

    Reverse diet video would be nice 🙂

  11. Marcel Ruberto

    Sorry I’m late is this seat taken?.

  12. Kristian Kotrla

    Im following you for a really long time; from the transformations, to the cosplays, through the injury, everything is really inspirational 🙂
    Hope you will make one 6/12 month bulking transformation too!
    Cheers and all the best!

  13. D Honcho

    I am Fina do this

  14. Brandon David Fong

    best coach i've ever had! still ascending and making gains and shredding that flab. Matt is legit people. changed my life

  15. Indrajit Roy

    Want to see the reverse diet lean bulk. Don't forget to film that! 💪💪🔥

  16. Johnathan J. Gast

    What cardio are you recommending for liss?and a reverse diet would be cool aswell..thnx for video their always good 👍..and do all your clients just do the iifym diet?

  17. Nick Sherrod

    Awesome work, Matt! Have you ever had a real large client? Like 280-300LB? I’d be interested to see your approach.

  18. Blue 139

    Wow 😎 !!!!

  19. super donkey

    You on steroids huh

  20. Might Savage

    love to see a reverse dieting video

  21. Nick Thien

    reverse diet please! great video 🙂

  22. Tragic

    Killer bro

  23. Nick Adkins

    So those heavy lift numbers were what he was performing on a 5×5? Or those were 1 rep maxes?

  24. Francisco Estrada

    Do you have any free programs?

  25. Aaron Salazar

    Yes reverse diet vid please! I’m pretty lean rn but could fill out a bit more. Need some extra motivation and a breakdown of macros

  26. Jay S

    I fuck with this intro so much

  27. Choice SI

    Im watching this video while eating pizza smh

  28. Jeff DaChef

    reverse diet for sure.

  29. John Martinez

    Do a reverse dieting video plz

  30. lucina good

    Yes please do a reveres diet video


    Best coach in the planet! I got your programs and the GokuFlex merch and went to town before wrestling season. It was hard but I stuck to it and got lean and bulked back up after season and my confidence is back up and im happy! If you guys need a coach but this guy is the best!

  32. FerNation

    Awsome transformation!

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