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  1. Boruto uzumaki

    I accadentaly bit myself (dont ask) and it didnt heal it turn into a red dot which I still have. Is it cancer?

  2. sree gold

    Mulluseetha/soursop fruit. Quire and prevent cancer.If anybody wants fruit contact-9500573470

  3. Sri ram Bhardwaj


  4. Ankush Sharma

    thanks for all of your videos

  5. sree gold

    Mulluseetha fruit quire and prevent cancer.If any body needs fruit contact -9500573470

  6. Kinza Aftab

    Thankyou soo much .it is very helpful .. keep it up.

  7. Carmen Lee

    From the bottom of my heart Thank you!

  8. Robinux

    Thats why you dont crush floral foam without gloves

  9. Michael Janchura

    All you have to do is have a bath at the end of the day

  10. Bdch c

    No words for ur work,tqsm❤️❤️

  11. mohammed

    Hi osmosis, i really hope you do some videos about limbs fractures and dislocations

  12. Jeissy E. Ciprian

    ¿Why do not put the subtitles in Spanish?

  13. Reza Ayoubi

    Hypodermis is not part of the skin lol

  14. Joseph Magliocca

    :49 the hypodermis is not part of the skin, although it is part of the integumentary system

  15. How to Medicate

    Such an important video! Essential for every medical student! Thanks osmosis!

  16. turtle piggy

    Do serotonin syndrome next pls

  17. Cubemasterchris

    What animation software do you guys use to make these videos?

  18. B RK

    Really appreciate your work @ osmosis , plzz do make tutorials on all conditions in medscape app…🙂

  19. Maricela Pérez Carrillo

    Justo antes de mi examen 😍🥰

  20. Thomas Lapsley

    Are T Regulatory (Suppressor Cells) cells involved in try to stop cancer? Another question is if melanoma etc… is on the surface of the skin is it difficult for the T cells to get to that region, if T cells are mostly in the lymph nodes etc…

  21. LexDiamonzz

    No need for Chemo, Radiation or Surgery just take Colloidal Silver, Wheatgrass and other high alkaline foods to kill the Cancers.

  22. R

    Cool stuff

  23. Astrita Maryadi


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