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  1. Austin Kuettner

    Why does Maleficent sound like Mrs. Broflowski in the beginning?

  2. Dsneybuf

    (Re-reads previous comments)
    Wow, I sure underestimated how many bonus features from the Platinum Blu-Ray Disney would leave off. Ironic that this video tries to make it sound like an honor for Sleeping Beauty to get a Diamond Blu-Ray.

  3. SamAM16

    Aside from that bit of Maleficent audio, it was all Pretty GOOD!!

  4. Daniel Hurtado

    Really good!

  5. Jaime DioGuardi

    Good job! 🙂

  6. disneymagic93

    Good to know.

  7. Dsneybuf

    I also suspect that the virtual walkthrough of Sleeping Beauty Castle will not have Tony Baxter's commentary, or the little videos about the special effects, since the virtual ride created for the "Little Mermaid" Platinum DVD doesn't have those on the Blu-Ray.

  8. Dsneybuf

    You should consider keeping the Platinum Edition since the Diamond Edition might not include art galleries, Cine-Explore, and the games. Several recent Diamond Blu-Ray sets don't have the galleries and games from the Platinum DVDs.

  9. Ben Waldburger

    Wow. This trailer is almost flawless. My only criticism is that not all the scenes in the trailer use the 2008 master of the film.

  10. disneymagic93

    Do you think I should get the Diamond edition blu ray of Sleeping Beauty since already own the Platinum Edition blu ray?

  11. Wallabe Beetles

    that too. Just footage we've seen before

    in fact, there is barley any information of her at all.

  12. Wallabe Beetles

    Helene Stanley is dead, she died in the 90's i doubt there's any footage of her

  13. Wallabe Beetles

    Beautiful as Always!!!!
    I can't wait for this release, hopefully it will be in 3D

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