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  1. legendary girl

    actually the dark fairy was maleficent she was good and the king was bad his name was steven like if you saw maleficent movie and agree to me

  2. maria nanyunja

    My two year old son was watching these bed time stories yesterday and he really loves them. I've never seen him pay that much attention to something thanks so much.

  3. Empress M.

    its very nice

  4. Baby Khan


  5. Sehaj Singh

    Scarey but baby cute cute

  6. Kishor Parcha

    good story

  7. Ali Rizwan

    this is a story about a princess who was born in a Kingdom full happnies but she got crused and touched the needle of the spindle and fell into a deep sleep will the Princess wake up let's see what happens

  8. pham van


  9. Captain Hungry Dragon

    Copying Repunzel

  10. Tanisha Swiegers

    i don't like it that much

  11. jayI lussac

    this is the real story

  12. jayI lussac


  13. Lovely Girl

    The name is Aroura not Sunshine😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  14. Maham Zehra

    this is not the real story of sleeping beauty

  15. Maham Zehra

    Aurora name is not sunshine

  16. Nova GameRace


  17. Vathana Hov

    The princess is a good girl

  18. ansia nizar

    Hey I have a question? What is the princesses proper name is it sunshine or aurora or sleeping beauty

  19. ansia nizar

    Aurora is the oldest princesses

  20. Shahira Begum

    There was the Tangled prince Eugene

  21. nyasha macheka

    Whaaaal thanx a lot my daughter z really having a nyc tym watching these stories n these days she can even tell a story infront of other kids……

  22. Gladwin Domingo

    This is my most favorite bedtime story

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