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  1. Endoil

    amazingly done sir

  2. Bhismadev 007

    What if she said NO 🚫

    I would like to see the alternative too

  3. Bhismadev 007

    These 2 minute video is much better than most of the Disney movies

  4. Dread G

    Setting the bar high lol

  5. Pablo Santander


  6. Amber

    This was so sweet!!! I hope they get to be on an episode of Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

  7. The Chic in Chicago

    How sweet!!

  8. Allison Lamb

    Take notes boys! 💕😭 congrats

  9. Houston Texas

    This was great. Surly is one of a kind.

  10. United States Of The Internet

    Might be the cutest Disney proposal ever!….Don't forget to subscribe!

  11. Gambare Iele

    Wow Man, that was so epic..

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