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  1. Eric Huggins

    This looks so cool.

  2. Victoria Decamps

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  3. Harvey Levene

    Carabosse danced by females doesn't work. Yuri Vetrov is the Best I have ever seen. in the role.

  4. Anthony Smith

    one of my favourite ballets

  5. Jadranka j

    I have already saw in the cinema The Sleeping Beauty trailer- ballet from Moscow theatre. Let see how are this journey from Covent garden. I am sure it will be magic ballet.

  6. LadyOfBroadway333

    I don't think I could ever go to this ballet because I would start singing "Once Upon a Dream" at the top of my lungs and get kicked out of the theatre 😂😂😂

  7. Yasmine Genoud

    I saw this ballet in cinema

  8. Heather Hamann

    @Royal Opera House i love The Sleeping Beauty The Royal Ballet can i see The Sleeping Beauty The Royal Ballet full movie

  9. Heather Hamann


  10. Manuel Pirino

    Saw it yesterday. Although I got a bit lost by the end (out of sheer exhaustion, it is more than 3 hours) the performance and setting and music were totally stunning. Worth every penny. 

  11. Daph Duck

    i thought sergei polunin was no longer a part of the royal ballet?

  12. Ballerina Besties

    Absolutely Beautiful! <3 I want to go to London so bad to see this, it's my birthday wish for tomorrow!

  13. Biansa Wira

    why the costum is different…not  like sleeping beauty's alina cojocaru

  14. TheRiverquest

    'Oh that's so cool that Solomon Golding (an Artist) gets to partner with Natalia Osipova'.

    Er no that's Mathew Golding (a Principle) she will be partnering!



  16. Jose Munoz

    N’en déplaise à d’autres,  le corps de ballet du Royal Opera House,  est le seul en Europe, qui soit  capable de nous offrir  aussi somptueusement, un grand moment  de rêve.  

  17. Dwightinho56

    So beautiful, and wonderfully talented dancers.

  18. Athina Lopez

    this is so beautiful

  19. Nick Martin

    Oh that's so cool that Solomon Golding (an Artist) gets to partner with Natalia Osipova. 

  20. Kadeem Hosein

    Hopefully I'll be in London to see Natalia Osipova in this!!! :O I AM SO EXCITED!!!! 😀 

  21. Isabel Legrady

    Oh, God! I'll be able to see it, finally! 

  22. thatismahogany

    Are those …cats on 0:08 ?

  23. Rita .Sassatelli

    I would love to see

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