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    Oregano ka kuch our name h kya


    Who are scrolling comments to see whether it works or not😂😂

  3. Bandamame Nongsiej

    I need this the most….

  4. shahru salam

    Hi I have a doubt….plz reply…. fat cutter drink and flat belly diet drink both r together to drink is safe… ?….

  5. Margaret Vella

    Another great video .. you are awesome vicky thanks you are genius 🙂

  6. maryam 1

    Hindi me video kam ane lagi hai aap ki

  7. Universo Bello

    Oregano tea is the only thing that takes menstrual cramps away for me vs OTC medication.

  8. Priti Jain

    Hello vicky is it work for 40+ woman for weightloss ?

  9. Mahwish Sohail

    Realy looking fwd this..💖💖

  10. sayeeda altaf

    Can we skip oregano or any substitute

  11. Sunita Bajapally

    Honestly completely my types
    Easy n simple
    But is it ok to have after 5 mints of meal instead of 30mints

  12. Nethra Nethra

    Hiiii mam nice video I'm a big fan of ur videos plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz do one video nursing mother's any dait any weight loss drink food's suggested plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz do one video plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz

  13. Nazia Begum

    Hi dear.. Any alternative for oregano?

  14. Malik Mahii

    mam plzz reply jikiye na mam jo ots daite m dahi h wo dahi bhr ka usse kr sakte h kya q ki mam ghr m dahi ni jamra sahi se

  15. Nandini S Kumar

    Thanq dear vicky

  16. Aruna Medeira

    Hi dear, I just love all your videos it's so helpful such a beautiful way of explaining things.You are a blessing to all your viewers God bless you.Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. Zakuddin Khan

    sch me mam u r magician for us itni achi remedies kha se late ho ap….i badly need this tea mujhe period pain bht hota am unable to move on those days……😘

  18. Asha K

    What about excessive flow?

  19. Remee Khharje

    Hi Vicky Rocks.
    How are you?
    Thanks for suggesting such a easy and helping menstrual tea with suggested Ingredients which is mentioned above in the YouTube window.
    I used both ingredients in other food.
    It's my 1st day of Chums.
    Now it's Tea time.


    Remee from Qatar

  20. Shaikh Anas

    Hindi me bhi video upload karo mam pls

  21. Salman Khan

    Meri sister ne 1 saal hard diet kiya sirf fruits aur boiled eggs ke ilawa kuch nahi kaya jis say uss ka weight 29kg loss hua wo 12 kg weight aur reduce karna chahti hai laiken reduce nahi hota she eat curd and maize flour for one week due to which she gain 3 kg . Please mam guide uss that what we do and your which diet plan will help my sister in reducing weight.

  22. Shailaja Kadiyala

    Can breastfeeding mothers take

  23. Sahar Alam

    Mam kia Oregano skip KR skte h plz reply

  24. linifolia1

    Can we use fresh oregano di???

  25. Omar Bader

    Nice one my dear thanks for sharing your recipe and videos God bless you 🤗🥰🥰❤❤

  26. fatima arsalaan

    Hiii Vicky.thanks a lot to share this drink.

  27. Shahrukh Khan

    Love ur remedies……😍😍😍😍

  28. anna sy

    vicky i just want to ask something about the 900 calories diet i hope you answer🙏🙏 if i don't have apple what else can i eat as substitute and can i fried the egg in coconut oil or olive oil? thank you in advanve🙏🙏

  29. Samia hanif

    Plz Hindi main be sharing karen

  30. Sravani sandeep Mamillapalli

    Only when periods we should drink

  31. muki Anbu

    Thank u mam nice


    Can we use this drink even if we dont have periods

  33. Khizar Sajid

    Vicky cucumber diet plzzzz….

  34. vansh Kapoor

    Mam green tea kab le sakte hai agar ye tea le to

  35. G Gold

    A little more than a cup (any cup you use)
    Thin slice of ginger
    1tsp of oregano
    1tsp of fennel seeds.
    Let it boil,strain. Drink like 3times a day.

  36. cccaaa

    Hello Vicky
    Do you make personal diet charts. How to contact you

  37. Inaja Mantravadi

    I truly fell in love with your voice , tips , and solutions . Thanks a lot mam

  38. Mansha Basharat

    Can i take puro's healthy salt instead of Himalayan pink salt???plz reply m pcod patient

  39. Ranjini R

    Is that Fennel or cumin seeds

  40. Salma Kadernani

    Can we make more thn 1 cup once then hv it 3 times? Should it be taken hot all the time. Plz assust

  41. Blessing bb

    Can a nursing mother take this tea

  42. Yasreen Angel

    Mam feeding mother can use dis

  43. Sweet Angel

    Tusi kini help krde sabb di.
    Video bna ke..rabb tuhanu khush rakhe hmesha..meri sweet didi tuhanu kde mile ni gll ni kiti prr rishta fer v bht mjbut dil to….

  44. priyanka choudhary

    I think these r cumin seeds not fennel seeds.

  45. sasha talks

    Hi Vicky I'm 23 with 85kgs want to loose weight
    Kya me apka 900cal egg diet follow kr skti hu.. muje gallstones h or gallbladder acttk bhi hota h Kya me Vo diet plan start kr skti hu ya nhi please muj reply kro plz

  46. bereket yemane

    Thanks mama! First

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